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Spirit Entering Body


So before I tell you about my story, just to give you an introduction, I have had weird experiences before. There have been many times I had dreams of things before they would actually happen. So often to the point I was starting to think I was crazy that I actually began writing them down so I had a record of them. I've also had experiences awake of seeing people that no one else could see...etc. I know I am not crazy. I am a normal girl, 23, have a good job, went to school. Pretty normal life. I have felt things touch me while I was definitely awake...etc.

This latest experience was one of the weirdest ones I have had. I cannot make sense of it. Last night I was getting ready to go to bed even though I was not tired yet. It was pretty late and I was just going to lay down. I put my phone down and my eyes were awake from what I can recall. I felt a hand grab my left arm, cold. And I freaked out. I felt like screaming so I tried and it felt muffled (like someone had their hand over my mouth). I have felt things around me before that I could not see but this one did not seem like a good one. They kept trying to shut my eyes and I was like no stop stop. I was so scared to the point I started literally trying to scream the Hail Hary and Our Father. I had this feeling I cannot explain, almost if I felt my spirit exited my body and I saw my body lifeless... I could literally feel my spirit just exit as I exhaled. And I felt as if another one entered mine.

My eyes finally closed and I woke up in another place. It seemed like a busy area with many people, almost like it was some type of workplace. But it had many floors and I was on the basement level, but there were still people working. I was like Christina you have to wake up wake up someones in your body. And I saw this guy and he grabbed me and it felt like the same hand that grabbed me earlier, and not to be graphic, but he began touching me in inappropriate areas. And I had no control. I tried to wake up I even tried pinching myself like wake up please. Then I was like ok let me walk around. I began to walk around and I looked down and my phone and saw text messages I remember having about 6 months ago. And I was like this is too real... It was so vivid. I recently had my gall bladder out... So I was like ok here's a test and in my "dream state" I felt it and my scars were there so I was like this is real. I starting shouting I am in my own body but someones in my body sleeping. I kept screaming someone help me and I kept shouting mom please wake up. I know your still sleeping. Please wake my mom up.

I woke up all distraught, sweating and confused. I looked at my clock it was 1:11. I freaked out because I didn't know what to think. Usually I would just be like ok I had a nightmare but too many times weird unexplained things have happened to me. I just can't shake it off it felt so real. I go downstairs to get a glass of water to calm down and my mom was up (who never is. She usually is passed out cold from 8pm until she has to work). I asked her why she was up because she looked exhausted. She was like I woke up quickly out of nowhere like someone told me to wake up. This was all during the same time because I asked her when she woke up to make sure it was not before I "fell asleep". My mom has also had weird experiences before, but not to the extent that I do. Anyways she kept trying to tell me it was a bad dream but I KNOW I was awake. I wasn't even tired. I fell asleep in my day clothes and everything.

I mean I'm sure your mind can play tricks with you but my dream was so vivid and I had other times I thought I had out of body experiences. But this is the first time I felt as thought I thought someone enter my body. Any comments? Has anyone had this? I know I'm not crazy but I feel like it when things unexplained happen!

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
7 years ago (2015-04-15)
Rorowsu! An angel would never enter your body, because it respects your free will! Unlike a demon, who often will, because satan doesn't respect our free will, he's a terrorist, a liar and a murderer.
Rashidah (guest)
11 years ago (2010-11-02)
I think you need to guard yourself properly. Psychic shields will be helpful for that.

But if you are a religious person, try calling upon your God for help in this matter.
rorowsu (2 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-02)

I have had the same experience, but for me it happens constantly, even when I am awake, something enters my body, and forces my hand to move, not by full force, but I let it move it, and sometimes it tries to explain to me who it is and most the time, the reply I get is an angel.

But the similar experience I had like yours was about two years ago, when I was sitting in my living room, and I feel a pressure of air, or some sort of wind push against my body, all the sudden I was in a place where people are fighting and running, then I flew over buildings, and went over trees, I entered homes of people I didn't know, and I was literally there.


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