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Finding The Truth


This is the last of a long line a long line of experiences. But this left me extremely exhausted and that is a first.

My wife's sister- in- law had a problem about her parentage and it came to fever pitch last Saturday night when she got very weepy and excited. She showed me a photo of her mother. Just her head in black and white.

I had nether seen this picture before. But the image had been haunting me for a month before I actually cast my eyes on it. I started to rub the photo between my finger and thumb, after five minutes I started to get images of her mother and then I told her (my wife's sister-in-law whom I shall call M) that her mother was 5ft 5in tall. M said she was! Then I siad she was a 34b bust size. M looked at me and said yes. Then I said she had size 4 shoe... Never seen the woman in my life, she died 1974. Very small foot size for a woman of 5ft 5in tall. M looked shocked, and replied how I knew that a woman's voice started to talk to me in my head. She told me about a a mole on her chest, which I ask M. M went into a shocked state, and said there was.

Then the voice said about a scar on her right arm, again I asked M.

M started to tell my wife and I how it happened to her mothers arm.

All of a sudden a woman materialized behind me which only I could see. Then she started talking to me about her thumb nail, which I asked M.

M started to tell us about her mother's thumb nail and the treatment her mother received... Don't forget the M&B tablets the lady said to me which I relaid to M.

M yes they made her mother very ill.

Then a lot of private matters were exchanged which I will not relay in this article.

This went on for a hour or more then Ms mother faded away.

The matter of Ms parentage was solved. M thank me very much as a great weight was lifted from her.

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brill (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-04)
thanks Lyla... This is the last in a line of experiences I have had in my 64years of life.
It just comes don't know when, don't seem to make it happen... ❤
Lyla (guest)
11 years ago (2010-11-02)
That is an amazing experience you had, having the ability to communicate with spirits and helping them to achieve peace is great! Something that I cannot do... I only see them.

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