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Starting off I want some help connecting to my medium side. I am asking for the mediums that's on this site to help me with my problem. OK first off my boyfriend of 4 years just passed October 27th 2010, we were very close of course, the thing is I can feel him most of the time in I know he wants to talk to me but I don't know how to talk with him with out being scared. When I feel him around me I get scared because I don't know how to feel, some nights when I am sleeping I can feel him holding on to me. I love him so much in I just want to talk to him in understand him. The night he passed I felt him come in the house it felt like he was running or racing to get home to tell me he was dead. He always told me he will never leave me when he was alive, at first I think he was confused about being dead, but now its been a couple of weeks an I think he realized now that he is dead, I talk to him a lot but I don't think he can respond. I just don't know what to do anymore. I don't think he crossed over yet because I can feel him he comes in goes... By the way he got killed in a shooting. So it's like his soul was snatched out his body I guess that's why I felt him running home the night he died. I just need help. I don't know what my gift is but I do know I have one, because I am able to feel spirits. Plus my grandmother visits me in my dreams when some thing big is about to happen in my life, like before he died my grandmother visit me in a dream in I kept on asking my self what is she trying to tell me well I guess I found out. I know for a fact my grandmother is my spirit guide. So if I have some gifts how come I can't understand my boyfriend yet. Also I always wanted to know if he was my soul mate, because when he was alive in he was not around I well call out to him in its like he will hear me in call me on the phone. And also I wanted to know if I will meet him again when its my time because of the great love we shared. All I know is I need some help on this please, if you are a medium please help... Or if you can help me enhance my gifts please help thanks.

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joyy (guest)
13 years ago (2010-11-10)

I may be able to help you

Email me if you wish (see profile)

One simple technique to fine tune clairaudience is breathing universal compassionate light. White light technique is a simple conceptual way to connect with non-local non-directional perceptive intelligence of universal light beings (merged into what some call 'God' or 'infinite').

The visualization goes like this:

Breath in universal kindness light in your heart coming from above or from the inner universal spheres of celestial grace (like threads of light). Then see this light radiating out from your heart and engulfing earth, as you breath out. This increases the source connection of the planet - as you relate to the sujective perception of the planet in your multi-dimensional bodies.

It's quite simple - what this does is makes you more open to hear spirit, especially to hear positive spirit messages.

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