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It all started when I was 9 years old. I had random flashes of faces and colors. The visions became longer and longer. Most of them have come true, as well as strong, vivid dreams I've had. For instance, I had a dream that my dad had something extremely important to tell my family, but first, he had to tell his mom. He was frantic, searching the house for the phone. I was scared about what he was going to tell us. When I woke up, he was in my room, and he asked me for the phone. My dad said to me: "I have some news, but first, we should tell your grandma." He looked very serious yet frightened. I had a dream about swirling winds and car crashes, and when I woke up, I found out my cousin had died in a car crash after slipping on an icy road.

Also, I can see and hear energy. It buzzes and hums and swirls around me. When I walk into a room, the dust motes fly towards me and they attach themselves to me until I leave. Electricity acts strange around me, lightbulbs burning brighter when I get close, speakers crackling, etc. I feel energy, and if I sort of push my palms towards it, and then bring it back to me, I can see that I have trapped the energy in the space between my palms.

If anyone else has similar experiences, please comment and help me!

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