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Felt I Was Going To See A Friend, Did A Few Hours Later


I have just decided to register as throughout my life I have encountered strange experiences that I have previously put down to coincidence or decided there must have been a logical explanation, but as I get older it becomes harder to ignore, the experiences I have are very simple and seem to serve no purpose, the most recent was as follows.

Walking to university on Friday lots of people were around as usual but in the faces that walked past I had a feeling I was going to see a friend of a friend who I have only met once before very briefly and hadn't thought of since really until Friday morning but the feeling was really strong.

A few hours later I was alone walking up the stairs to the computer room, as I reached my floor someone else was walking up the stairs I turned around to hold the door to them and it was the person I had the feeling id see that morning, we didn't speak I doubt he even remembered me and I wasn't even aware we attended the same university, it had been around six months since we met the one time.

The reason I'm posting this is because its not isolated, I often have de ja vu possibly weekly this happens and I also as I have read from others experiences can predict the next word or finish sentences from the television and also in day to day conversation, my grandma is very spiritual however I have always been indecisive but this latest occurrence is hard for me to put down to coincidence, she often tells me of times when I was a child where I would describe people to her who weren't visible, such as her mother in the garden which I described to a tee at four years old.

I am willing to learn more about these occurrences and the reasons they happen and what may trigger them, thank you for any thoughts or comments you have I would love to hear any similar experiences etc.

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phoenix-antrix (41 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-17)
I am not able to say anything because I am not getting any strong clue from your experiences, I advice you to do "Void Meditation" and see the changes

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