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We Prayed for Divine Protection


My husband and I were traveling to Las Vegas for vacation. As always, we prayed before we left for divine protection. As we sat at the terminal awaiting the boarding of the plane, I had a funny feeling about boarding the plane. I did not voice it to my husband and we boarded the plan. As I sat in the plane before take off, the feeling increased, I told my husband that I thought that something was wrong with the airplane.

We both agreed that if there was a problem with a plane that the plane would not take off. The captain started the engine and started to taxi to the runway. I was sitting right over the engine and I could hear a funny noise. We both decreed that the plane would not take off but would return to the terminal.

The captain immediately came on the speaker and said that we had to return to the terminal. He later explained that the plane had been serviced and a problem was found. The crew had tried to do a makeshift repair and send the plane out without a needed part. The part that was missing would have caused engine failure.

The captain said that the crew would try to replace the part. My husband and I agreed that they would totally change the plane. The captain came back on and everyone got off the plane and boarded another plane.

We went safely to Las Vegas. We thank God for inside information and the power of prayer.

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CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-30)
This is exactly what hunches and premonitions are all about, and I believe if more people would listen to these things they would be safer, not only in the air but on the Ground.

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