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True Death Premonittion Lucid Dream


I have been a fisherman for over eight years, and working out of westbay dorset one year, had a worrying premonition that came true with at least one, witness to it.

I have written it in a sort of song formation, as it was around six years ago now, and I have said it to a lot of people. Hopefully it will be more interest to you guys on here, as everyone I have met thinks nothing of it!

Know anyone that's tasted the fin

Estranged and blue, this should enlighten you, no lie's it's true, hope it don't frighten you

make you think what im'a say to you, working outta westbay, dorset, kiddies playing happily

Just 5 minutes from the m.o.d. Beach launch.m.s.c napoli, empty from girls in corset's

Just dirt here you wish had changed course's, on the same boat as my best mate used to blaze, haze, kush cheese skunk, punk what ever everyday, in my sleep I dream walking down the deck past the winch case

And went for a piss over the stern like I would in real place, then I saw a body floating hands out like tickling plaice

Is it green reason for dreaming?, wake up in the morning seriously distorted, feeling as ruff as the days when I was huffing.

Thinkingg all sorts of missions aborting, truth no bluffing, kids are not knowing,"shiat that shiat was so real I felt it, so in the

Morning my m8 jisi I preached it to, got told it so he felt it too, no way I'm living wiouth someone knowing this poo.

Pure true, straight from the deep and outta the blue, because, around two weeks later C.I.D and cops in bubble suits and investigator's later, jim was pulled out the harbour, looking as batterd as cat slater, deader than a fight between dundee an a alligator, and caught on a little kiddies handline, poor kid bet that stay wiv her for time

Bet she's as messed up as lady gravy's phone line, looking seriously past his face until the day, like he'd been kicked down the ladder, made shiver's go up my spine, there's one of my kind, captain wingnut called it because he looked like dumbo, and got less brains than doped up gumbo, he got para about the whole and oyd, my rifle in his stifle, so I'm glad as hell that I left there, and headed west like fivel loadsa dis-owned me, but its ok because someone postponed me;)

To cut it short I dreamt I saw a body floating in the harbour we were tied up in with both hands out face down a couple meters away from me, then I told jamie straight away because it freaked me out, and I quit, and around 2-3 weeks later, smelly Jim or Jim, was found dead. I have been called a witch, and it's not very nice to be honest)

Hope its read!

Nostra please phone me

Gifts known as a curse. Don't worry I can do far worse!

Anyone who thinks I have made this up can ring 07530018778 as jamie saint is the real witness to the whole thing, I told him the second I woke up and he witness a guy called jim get pulled out of the harbour a few weeks later. I would like to be taken seriously. As I expect more to come a lot of things have made me think very differently and my out look on earth and the world has also changed completely.

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peter (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-09)
hahaaa nice 1 titzz xx no-one else has bothered so thanks. Blitzen x
Teatz (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-09)
omg! I can't believe you made me sign up to this shiat, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it just as much as you! Lol <3

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