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Knowing Before Hearing Or Happening


I'm the youngest of 6 children, 5 girls and 1 boy.

The 3rd oldest girl has some reproduction problems such as p.c.o.s, endometriosis and thyroid problems. She recently came to Australia with her new b/f in 2010 and they have only been together for 3 months when they got here.

Anyway, I was on my way to counseling group and I got a text from the 3rd oldest saying she had to go and get her thyroids checked because her blood pressure had been high and she has been eating alot. I had no idea that she was going to the doctors before she announced her trip to go there.

After counseling, the 2nd oldest girl rung me and said that the 3rd oldest was at the doctors with the 2nd youngest girl to get some blood tests, and straight after I got told that, I had it come to me that "Shes pregnant".

Later on that same night, the 3rd oldest rung me and told me "Guess what, your going to be an aunty again".

Before all this happened, I noticed that I have been getting visions since I was around 8 years old, but just thought all of them were my imagination running wild. The 2nd youngest told me a few years ago that in my family we all have some sort of psychic abilities/ talents in each of us. So I have only recently realized that all of my visions are pictures and stories of the future or of someones past, depending what grounds I interact with that person.

Another psychic experience I had was 2 weekends ago at the Randwick Racecourse, I went there with my ex partner as we are still friends.

As we were giving our names to the reception, there was a lady placing up the horse names of the first race. As I looked at the board of names, the numbers 1,3 and 7 flashed to me in my mind really strongly as the first 3 winning horses of the 1st race and I have never bet on horses before in my life.

As we sat at our table, as we were dining with the big bosses of the Sharp company, I decided to scan through the race books for that day just to make sure no other numbers were flashing at me. But as I done that, number 4 flashed at me, not as strongly as the others but lightly and it had a good feeling along with it, so instead of betting on 1,3 & 7, I bet on 1,3 & 4. As the race ended, my ex told me that 1, 3 & 7 had won. Boy, wasn't I spewing.

Than on that same day, on the 3rd or 4th race, I bet on numbers that had flashed to me. The first 3 for a trifecta and 1 single one just to be sure. After I had placed the bets, I walked off and number 7 was flashing to me really hard in my head and I said to my ex, "number 7's coming to me really hard, I should go & put a couple of bucks on it as a single winner", he replied "Its too late, you've already put your bets on". I told him "There's still one minute left, I got time". But he said, "we'll try the next race ay, see how this one goes", I agreed but was still sure that 7 was to be in 1st place.

I went and had a quick sip of wine, then went onto the balcony to watch the race I had bet on, after the race, I walked in and my ex looked at me and told me "You were right, I should have let you put that bet on cause number 7 came 1st", and I said "I bloody told you man, now will you listen to me?", he agreed.

Also another time, I was on my way in my car to get my sister, mum, her husband and my brother to come over for a bbq. As I was driving on the M4 I had a strong bad feeling and a vision that I was going to crash my car, but on the M4. I denied the vision and feeling but it wouldn't go away. So I turned the music up to take my mind off it.

After I picked my family up, I was driving and went to turn right at the traffic lights, it was a green light to turn right and a big enough gap to go before the oncoming car would reach my spot. I was halfway through turning right and I quickly looked to the left to make sure no one was going through a red light at the intersection, and that's when my sister, mum and brother yelled out to me and I rammed into her front right corner of the car and my front end collided in and my radiator and air coolant broke and I copped the fine of $ 6083.85, it wasn't even worth it and I wasn't even insured.

So what is this 'flashing' stuff that I get? I also get visions while I'm awake doing stuff. But the visions only come to me when I'm not concentrating on anything, nor doing anything. They come to me as a still picture along with the whole story in just 1 second, so I know the story and understand the whole vision. Its just that when I get the visions, I always feel like their predictions are going to happen to me, but then they always happen to someone I know, m family or then a friend of someone I know.

I get visions, and flashes almost every few days of each week. Sometimes I get them heaps long before they actually come true. Does this mean I am going to witness it or just hear someone talk about it and I have had the vision for it before it happens?

Could you please let me know what these flashes and visions are about? I just want to expand my psychic abilities to the max and not let it affect my life in any negative way. I also get feelings, thoughts and intentions in my head when I'm around people. I just have to look what direction they are coming from and then I know whose thinking it but I don't dare to ask them if it is true because they might deny it and say I'm crazy, nuts or just stupid even if it is true.

Please help me get to be more in touch with my psychic talents, I'm finding myself in life and id also love to figure out this psychic stuff a.s.a.p to make the most of it.

Thanks a lot, best wishes, flashes and thoughts to you all.


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knowing414 (2 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-15)
i get that all the time I know when thing are going to happen and I go with my feeling and 90% of the time I am right I had a plash in front of my eyes that someone I know was drinking after work right as they are about to come home and the driver had a beer before getting in the car to drive and got into a car reck and I called that person up and told them I will pick them up. And I did so and the person they where going to get dropped off by got in a car accident and died! To this day my friend bring it up and asks how did I know something was going to happen and to not go with that person and I said I just had a bed feeling!
bbdeathspark (4 stories) (617 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-13)
Kristal, technically everybody has psychic abilities, even you. You just didn't... Realize them.
kristalkeis (3 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-13)
This site is amazing and I'm so envious with everyone in here for having psychic abilities. I hope I also have those abilities. 😢
chik (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-10)
Haha! Your vision of going to crash your car sounds similar to my vision of going to crash my bicycle.

Yes it comes to you within a second, and you suddenly know something. It's cool. At first, you would feel uneasy. But after few years, you'll get used to it. Don't worry.

Don't feel upset if other people don't believe you. Once I told my elder sister but she just called me daydreamer... But in this forum you can find many friends with similar experience.

BTW, Have you tried the Powerball? I tried that before but failed. It seems something is forbidding me from using premontion for selfish deeds. But I encourage you to try once ^__^
Slemon1982 (8 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-09)
I agree with the above post. I am still trying to find what are my true spiritual gifts. Things come to me at night- all I see is a white light with people in it. Sometimes it's like I'm watching a black and white t.v. But it only last a couple of seconds.
Inspireme (3 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-09)
Ouch about the $6,000.00 fine! I've got a few things in common with you, you're the last of 6 children, 5 girls 1 boy! I am the last of 6 children, 5 girls 1 boy! And I also live in Aus as well. I feel a very strong connection to you already, it almost feels like I'm being literally sucked into my computer screen... Its just 1 of the reasons y I'm registered on this site.

You're very gifted! You could be clairvoyant and clairaudient which both stem from a strong intuition. Your able to see things clearly weather it's a clear still picture/thought in your head or a feeling or sensation that comes to you that's where the clairvoyance comes in, the voices or whispers that come to you is you clairaudient side which is also know as psychic hearing, weather it's other peoples thoughts you're listening or it's coming from spirit world you're clairaudient! The worst thing you can do is ignore a gut feeling. If you know you have had experiences like this before be careful and listen, look for the signs!

I visit a spiritual medium & healer few times a year or sometimes more when I need a bit of guidance, because my abilities are a bit similar to yours minus the "flashing stuff" I find yours very interesting and that's what draws me to you! I see spirits, I know who my guides are, I experience de javu all the time. I also astral travel at night, it's something I am yet to master! I have strong intuitions at times like I told 1 of my friends she was expecting 3 wks before she started experiencing morning sickness and all she said to me for me to diagnose her was "I can't sleep!" and that strong gut feeling! I also have the ability of empathy which comes from my compassionate nature. I am able to feel what other people are feeling as if I'm the one who's hurting or angered, I feel it to the point my chest hurts and I have to leave the room.

My advice to you is to find a reputable psychic medium or spiritual healer to identify what you have and how to master & control it, remember to listen and watch out for signs. That's how I came to identify mine. Do not speak to other people who you suspect won't understand you, it's a horrible feeling because I've been there. I hope this helps you a little... Xo

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