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Seeing People Who Aren't There


So, to start I am only fifteen but I've been through quiet a bit with people dying close friends family member not grandmas and ones I don't talk to but close people ones who truly made a difference and well just a lot of things have changed and been affected by all of these deaths some recent and some not it all started about three years ago and like I said before a lot has happened and it's not stopping and so I'm just unhappy and having a hard time with and without family and various problems and well I've been rather depressed for a while but ever since I get better I've been having nightmares almost every day and have been ever since I started being happy and again but along with that I have been seeing people who aren't there as well as things that aren't there I will see some thing stationary and then somehow move and wen I look back at it it was something completely different then I what I thought I saw and I was just curious if anyone knows why I see these weird little random things and it's kind of worrying me and so yes, if anyone could offer any advice or help it would be so greatly appreciated and if you'd like to know more about what has happened with me then please send an email to my address sorry it's a little silly I was 12 when I made it but also you can add me on facebook my name is alyk fuller and just send a message of how you know who I am and ad me (: thank you all very much

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DCinAZ (guest)
13 years ago (2011-01-19)
Hello Alyk,
Welcome to the site. I myself have lost loved ones recently, all very close to me. It wears on you and I can certainly understand the depressed feelings you're experiencing. The hard part is coming out and above it.
It seems that everytime you start to get 'comfortable' something happens to bring it all back to the forefront. It's frustrating, I know.
With you seeing people that aren't there, I've got another theory about that so bear with me for a moment.
Sounds to me like they are there. You've gone through a lot for someone your age and the people you've lost may be trying to comfort you and let you know they're worried about you. And in that respect they may be trying to help you. Whatever the reason, it sure sounds as if they're trying to get your attention.
The nightmares? Those could be from your feelings of helplessness at losing so many close to you in such short a time. It could also be a form of 'survivors guilt'. I don't mean say you should feel any guilt, YOU SHOULD NOT, ever. But our subconscious mind does some pretty wicked stuff to us when we sleep, and in your case, it's not all that surprising, considering what you've experienced.
Does this mean I don't think you have any psychic ability? No, quite the contrary actually. This just may be your 'awakening' to those abilities, so to speak.
You may want to explore this possibility, I know I would. If so, there are some interesting and informative articles here on this website, along with some tests to help evaluate your psychic abilities. If you go to the top of this page and click on the tab that reads "Articles", it will take you to where you can find this information.
Please keep us updated Alyk, this is a good place to get information and discuss these things you're going through. 😊 ❤

Let me know if I've gone too far off the beaten path with my comments. I can take it. 😉

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