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More To Me Than I Thought


I am a 14 year old girl and I have posted before telling about my frequent deja vu and feelings and what not, and now that I have accepted these things I have discovered that I am more powerful than I thought. A couple days ago, I was out to eat with my parents, there was the news on tv talking about a missing girl and they showed her family including her moms boyfriend, when I seen him I instantly felt a very strong and strange feeling in my body, I had goose bumps all over me and somehow I knew, he was one to keep an eye on. Later during the week about 2 days after they started to question him and they were very suspicious. When I seen him on the news, he was not a suspect yet but I knew he should be.

Still having these strange dreams that I feel are important. I am trying my best to meditate everyday at least for 5 minutes.

I also experienced something that I cannot explain was just a neighbor or someone around me. I was outside by myself in my backyard with just my dog and my cat. I was walking around taking pictures (I love photography) and all of a sudden I heard a "hey" or "are you okay" or something that ended with an eh/ay sound. I turned around, startled and thought it was my dad but he was not there and I looked around and none of my neighbors were outside. It sounded like a male voice. So I don't know what happened there. I just accepted it like it was and was not afraid.

I also have questions and this may sound odd but, is there certain foods I should eat to help my abilities or drink certain things? Anything that you have eaten or drank that helps you? Thank you for your help! I appreciate it very much!

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