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Confused About The Meaning Of This


For the past two nights I have been in a state of where I thought I was dreaming, but I am fully awake in bed. On the first night I started to hear voices speaking in another language from the corner of the room. It may have been Chinese or Japanese, I am not sure which. Anyways as the voices get louder I tried looking around to see if I see anything and the room just got darker narrowing my tunnel of vision. I started to try to move to wake up my fiance and realized I was stuck. I couldn't move or talk and the voices got louder and louder and started almost screaming in my ears. Finally it all came to a halt and the room got brighter and was silent no could start to move again.

The following night around the same time I heard a bang in the room next door and thought to myself what is that little girl doing over there. I don't know any little girls who live with me and I started to hear the whispering again but this time just mumbled and I couldn't move again. I tried talking with whatever I heard but I couldn't. I can't explain the state I was in. I was not dreaming in either but not in the right state of conscious mind either. Maybe anyone has any type of insight as to what is happening to me? Thanks.

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Shaolin (1 stories) (212 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-19)
Sleep paralysis, it's where you are asleep enough to process with your subconscious and recognize it consciously, but you aren't awake enough to give bodily control back to your conscious mind.

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