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I Feel Like A Baggage Claim


So recently my abilities have increased in frequency and strength. Including my strongest, empathy.

It gets really tough at school because of everyone's emotions fluttering around, most of them not good because not a lot of people want to be at school. Don't get me wrong, I love my abilities but I know there is a way to make them more controllable and less of a negative thing.

When I am in big crowds which is a lot, say at the mall or at school or at family gatherings, it's very hard for me to not get overwhelmed when I am suppose to enjoy myself. And after these big crowds when I get home I am very tired and like right now I am very sad because I took everyone's emotions with me and you would be surprised how many unhappy people there are at the mall.

I would just like to know some tips on how to dull the edges of everyone's feelings bottled up into just me. I have heard something about chamomile tea. What should I do to kind of relax myself after school and big crowds of emotions? Any drinks, things to do, suggestions or any nice comment is appreciated.

Also I am getting into crystals now. One thing I wondered is what is the turquoise for? I am very drawn to it and I'd like to know the reason that it calls to me. Is it for my specific abilities? And what crystal (s) are good for empaths.

On the other side of this ability, I like being able to know a problem that someone has, I like being able to help people by really.

Feeling their situation. Another question, I have seen that empaths can heal people, would I be able to do this? And how do I go about it?

Thank you for any help and suggestions:)

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Becky666 (124 posts)
10 years ago (2011-11-28)
wow I keep getting beat to the chase dang! Oh well... So pretty much what they said lol
Geo1990 (39 posts)
10 years ago (2011-11-28)
mamanymena has already said most of the important stuff. I would suggest carrying with you a clear quartz, this is because the clear quartz can absorb energies and block energies from being absorbed by you!

Just make sure you cleanse your clear Quartz EVERY DAY! You can cleanse it in water and recharge it in moonlight or sunlight.

This is a good link for your turquoise stone
mamanymena (20 posts)
10 years ago (2011-11-28)
I feel ya!
The best stones I've found (that work for my empathic ability) are: apatite--it alerts me to those that REALLY need my attention, and helps me to decide exactly what help to give, and apache's tear--to which I assign all the "extra", specifically negative emotions of others; I just tell it to collect the excess, whatever I can't process or address, so that I keep from being overwhelmed.

Empaths are often healers, but I find the most direct form of healing is quite "normal". Listening to those who are bottled up. Smiling at the most worried, angry, or sad. You could study reiki to take it further, but that's really a personal choice.

This is an excerpt of what I posted to another empath earlier today. Some of these things should help.

Imagine an off switch! The switch works great for me, but I also visualize a dial, so that I can turn down the intensity when needed, without turning it completely off. By this time in my life, I pretty much work with a big switchboard--like in music recording, a BIG mixer with lots of dials--that way I can completely turn some signals OFF, turn others down, turn others up, depending on what I'm doing or who I'm with.
That said, large crowds (most especially shopping malls or large department stores) are extremely difficult for me to navigate at times, mostly in mental preparation--I have to "get ready" before I can go inside or even close...

The very first trick I learned was probably the easiest by far:
Each morning after waking, I would Decide on a feeling, or set of feelings, that I was willing to accept experiencing. When I was a teenager, so often angsty, angry, silly, carefree, sad, lovesick, blissful or even broody, I would take a daily assessment of my Own mood, then choose to accept only that.

This had several advantages for me, when I was just learning my gift. One, it forced me to be aware of my own feelings, however faint or distant they seemed. Two, it strengthened my willpower and self confidence. And three, it drew me to others who were Like me, feeling the same as me, or Working in a similar way. Twenty years later, the people I met through that Practice are still my dearest friends! In addition, it made me realize that every feeling has its place, and the choice is ours in every moment.

What occurs to me is that this gift of empathy might actually be a psychic response, from your guides, sending you a very important lesson, saying Live Your Life Now. Neuroscience (the study of the brain) informs us that it is our emotions, and the chemicals they release into our brain, that are the building blocks of our memory. The events in our lives that we remember most clearly are those that are linked to intense emotions (whether "good" or "bad", they are STRONG). As you study, your brain (and your guides) are trying to help you Remember.

I would recommend doing whatever feels most natural to set up a Special Place in your own room, with objects or pictures that help you feel linked to somewhere personal to you that is Quiet, Serene, Solitary. If you can bring something, a pebble or a pressed flower, for example, and keep it with you when you're not in your room, it can carry that "feeling" of sacred space wherever you go. I used to use a photograph of my special place, and it went everywhere with me. If you want, you can even draw a dial or switch on the back of a photo, for "easy OFF".

Anyway-- best of luck to you!


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