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How Do I Use Crystals For My Abilities?


My Name is Kaitlyn and I'm 15. I am an empath, feel spirits, sometimes hear, rarely see them, I know things without being told or finding out about it. I am just generally aware. I have learned to accept my abilities.

My main question at the moment is: how do I use crystals for my abilities and what crystals would be the best for my abilities? Would it be beneficial to wear a certain type of crystal as a piece of jewelry such as a ring?

Also How can I protect myself from negative spirits/demonic entities? I get very scared that something might happen one day and I would like to protect myself and my family and my home?

What type of herbal teas could I drink to help my abilities or make me more in control of them?

So many questions, I apologize, I would greatly appreciate the help. A few more:)

I am not exactly sure about the whole meditation thing, can any one walk me through it? I know it's basically deep breathing and relaxing and learning how to be more aware of your body and the things around you.

What are some things I should never do that could harm me or my family or my abilities such as things I eat/drink or do in my daily life?

What are the most important things to do that will keep my abilities clear and controllable?

In closing, I'd like to say that any answers to my questions are greatly appreciated and just know you are helping me so much. If you could answer all of my questions it would just make my day and help me so much. So thank you for any contribution to my questions and any advice.:)

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Tera (32 posts)
10 years ago (2012-01-12)
1. Choosing your crystals. There's no right or wrong way to choose your crystals. I would recommend first getting a small bag you can put in your pocket or something. Nothing extravagant, but something you'll remember to keep with you.
Next, choosing which ones to carry. All crystals have different 'powers' things they can help you with. Try to find 'The encyclopedia of crystals' by Judy Hall, so far it's been the biggest and most reliable with the broadest view of crystals.
Depending on what energies you want/need depends on what crystals you should carry. For protection against negative energies some of the biggest ones I know of are: obsidian, smoky quartz-which absorb the negativity so you'll have to cleanse it, amazonite-attracting positive, aquamarine-helps you let go of fear and negative pasts, black onyx-protection from negative, black tourmaline is like black onyx but you can probably find onyx easier. Green adventurine protects from the negativity of other people.
you don't have to spend a lot on them, I've found some awesome ones for.25, but sometimes you might have to go higher for specific crystals. If you have a bad feeling about buying a crystal (not price related) do not get it. If you really like one and have an immediate attachment, it might help you so go ahead.
The biggest thing to not attracting negatives is to not think about them. Focus on what you DO want, crystals don't know the meaning of 'no', so try not to use it when attracting things.
If you have any further questions feel free to email me.
Oh ya, cleansing. Real quick, if you need to cleanse your crystals (or yourself, Celanite is a really good cleansing crystal. It's practically see-through, kind of white, but pretty fragile, so don't put it in your sack. Other than that, you could try picturing yourself under a giant warm waterfall, the water gently pouring down on your head, washing all the negativity away and bringing in light and happiness. ❤ There are other ways to do it, but that's what personally works for me.
P.s., don't eat chocolate before or after a meditation, it'll wipe you out and you can't meditate very good. Chocolate is fine, just not with meditating. I learned that the hard way. Lol

If you can find a place nearby that does Deeksha, go there a few times. It'll help with meditation and cleansing.
TIGERKING (2 stories) (70 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-31)

On meditation. When meditating people tend to try and look outward to find what they are seeking. The key is to look within. Do not concentrate, instead have a simple intent to look within. We all have inside us a vast expanse of to speak. Just a little advice I hope you find helpful.


Also, to the crystal experts. I found a piece of a rock out the front of my house that has purple crystals on it. It was right there for sometime by the looks, under the noses of passers by and no one took it, so I guess it was meant for me. I've seen them before but don't know what type they are. Could someone identify it for me please.

fossilera (4 stories) (124 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-31)
Hello Kaitlyn,

1. As much as I don't like to quote Harry Potter Literature, finding the right crystal is like finding a wand: They both "chose" you.

What I mean by this is that some crystals work better for some than others. For example, I enjoy quartz as a favorite - when I find specimens that are a fit, it will present itself in some manner (might be a warm feeling in the hand, first crystal to be picked out, a dream about it, etc.). Someone else could pick up the same crystal and not like it instantly.

One of the easiest ways is to think about what you want the crystal to help with, and then go to a place that has a variety (not sure about Florida, but here in Michigan we have a large rock & mineral show in Detroit every October).

2. As for a ring or necklace, I would always choose something that attracts itself to me (I am a guy with thick fingers, so on a side note, a ring would probably be a bad choice for me). On an official side note (from the money-end), I've found Necklaces to be cheaper than rings.

Also, stay away from the "gimmick" items (such as ones claiming to have a spirit attached to them, claiming to give powers beyond any mortal man, or something similar), as I've found these to also be higher in price.

3. The best protection from evil spirits/demonic entities is staying positive. Negative energy, such as anger, depression, sadness, or ill wishes towards another is like candy to them. Positive emotions, such as happiness, love, or kindness has the reversed effect (from my experiences).

If you do feel threatened in any way by such a spirit, then shielding might be your best bet. All shielding does, is create an energy "barrier" around you.

The one I use most is a rather simple one called "The White Light Shield". There are several variations online, but here are some basic steps:

1-Relax your body in some form (such as breathing, visualization, hypnosis, etc).

2-Try to feel yourself surround by energy using one or more physical senses. For example, you might "feel" the warmth of the sun surrounding you, "see" and "hear" a waterfall of colorful light (white, in this case) pouring around you, "smell" your favorite scent (such as that of roses), or "taste" a favorite.

The reason I picked "visual" items is because this is often easier to do than picturing a "bright, white light surrounding yourself" (unless it's easier to pick that), and more fun (plus, visualization is another great skill to learn, but that's for another post).

3- Hold onto this visualization, or feeling until you feel that the danger has passed or left. This is a general technique, and could be used for many situations.

4- To Protect others, do the same procedure, except picture them surrounded by the energy (if you can't visualize, then try to mentally picture them or say their name).

Hope some of this helps.
quartz (8 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-28)
believers in things will tell you to believe what they believe. Buy this, do that, do a handstand for five minutes and then fly to the moon and back! And guess what... If you wore a purple jumper and painted your face blue would you, along with all the other things you do, bring about such a marvellous change, that you would be a completely different person with all the answers you ever wanted?
I think not as you would come full circle back to yourself.
quixoticqt (2 stories) (53 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-27)
You can clear your body of toxins to heighten your abilities.
To go through a thorough body cleans go with Hulda Clarks ingredients and use the zapper.
Then to keep the toxins out go with organic foods, drink filtered water and use organic cleaners (shampoo, conditioner, soap...).
To have clearer dreams you can purchase those Japanese food stickers with bamboo vinegar in it and sleep with those on your feet at night.
For protection over you and your family you can pray protection prayers.
❤ Qt
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-26)
Choosing a stone will start from a reference
Of your own belief system: if christian-use
Angelite (which-symbolizes and draws angels).
Good for strengthening the Etheric aura.

Another good balancing crystal is one that can be worn
As a pendant and has a point upward as well as a 2nd
Point downward. This will align your energy with
Heaven and downward-with grounding to earth.
Quartz is good for healing holes in our aura.
But any stone is good that calls to us as an individual. The stones will change as our own
Energy vibration changes.
By placing your dominate stone over a stone.
See which crystal vibrates with good positive
Energy. Do not just use your eyes.
Also asking the crystals in the shop?
Who wants to go home and help you?
Remember all stones should be cleaned and prepared,
Then set with your intent.

I grids to keep in the good energy once putting
A stone under my bed. I prefer celestine.
I like Amythist and Rose Quartz large stone.
Every two weeks is a good time to clear and then
Reset the stones.

I like to give myself treatments with crystals.
Sometimes two times a week.
If the stone has points point the stone outward
Which takes negativity away from us.
Pointing the stone inward draws energy.

If you can get a book by Judith Hall, or
Other author regarding crystals.

Look for various ways to clean using water soap,
Moon light, Sun, running streams, or burying in sea
Salt, or earth, using flowers to clear.

Making of elixer's, use of grids.

Compounding small quartz around a lay out to
Increase intensity.
Sacred stones, precious metals.
Beware of certain stones as Turquoise which
Can break with water in which case you can use
You can check your local library for Crystal books.

Meditation is about clearing the mind and emotions.
When we are in a position of peace much more information can come through to us.
There are so many types of meditation.
Many people feel no judgement even if religious using
A visualization. Scenario, startes with releasing and
Utilizing the breath to release thoughts and emotions.
Then progressing to a nice peaceful area which
Can be a forest or a beach, holiday, a holy place etc. But I recommend using a form of protection before meditating in the event you fall asleep.

There is also Yoga or Tai Chi tapes in your local
Library. These can teach you breath awareness as
Well as a bit of exercise.

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