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I have always been psychic from the time I was born. But the very first time I ever witnessed my first spirit, I was about eight (I am sixteen now), I was sleeping. When I heard something like a whisper. I woke up it was about midnight on my b-day, I had just turned eight. I opened my eyes to see a women all dressed in white. She had a long flowing gown and shoulder length hair very beautiful. She was just standing in the middle of my room. I looked at her and felt my eyes had to squint.

The woman was all surrounded by a very bright light. I couldn't take my eyes off her. Then she slowly lifted her hand and put it to her mouth as if to tell me to be quiet. Then she tilted her head and just disappeared right in front of me. I told my father about it the next day. He told me that my eyes had been playing tricks on me. (I don't believe him though). I don't know if that woman was just a figment of my imagination or if it was a spirit or my guardian.

Then when I was twelve I slept and dreamt of a fire engulfing a building down in town. That very night after I woke up to recall my dream, I heard the fire siren. The next day at school I found out that a second hand store had burned down to the ground. I told my mom about my dream. She told me I had had a premonition. From that day on I have had dream that have come true.

Please tell me what this could mean please and thank you.

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derek (guest)
17 years ago (2007-11-12)
I had a troubling dream about some type of thing whether it being a asteroid or something destroying new York and all over it was dark and looked like night time everyone was running in a panic and I seen fire coming down from the sky I had this dream 2 years ago from this date November 12, 2007 I woke up from this dream and was trembling hysterically my mother and brother had to calm me down it scared me that much. I also had another dream and I seen Jesus face I was in a dark cave and I notice a face looking at me as if trying to reveal half of his face first as not to frighten me. He slowly showed me his whole face and to my surprise it looked like Jesus. I seen his hair it was parted in the middle coming down on both sides looking grayish in texture and the one thing besides him being Jesus that stuck with me was his eyes, I looked in to his eyes and it look like I was starring in to the world. His eyes were of a sky blue crystal color indescribable; imagine a piece of diamond cut crystal and it being sky-blue. To get a better picture of what I mean about his features as far as how he looked the best way I can describe it was he look like the image on the shroud of tourin same facial features.
The_Young_Psychic (1 stories) (5 posts)
17 years ago (2007-11-11)
Hmm... This sounds normal for any psychic being. For a female, like puberty, I think psychic abilities come before males. So at exactly when you were eight years old, you should trust what your mind says to you. But don't abuse it. Common sense should also be in the other half of your mind. Trust what you sense, but don't always go to far lengths.
Ghost_Whisperer (guest)
17 years ago (2007-11-05)
Psychics dream the future before it happens because it gives us the chance to alter the final outcome of the events for the better. Only seeing into the future at night is called precognition, and seeing it during the day is premonition (lots of people mix those terms up) I believe the woman you saw was your spirit guide. (spirit guides are just that- spirits there to guide you) It sounds like she appeared to let you know she's always watching over and caring for you in any way she can.

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