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I want to make clear that before all else, I am a skeptic. This applies not only towards other people, but myself as well. I do not claim that my experience was definitely psychic, or even supernatural in nature. However, I would like to share it in the hopes that others who may have had a similar experience will comment.

Starting from about January of last year, I started feeling "surges" in my forehead, right where one's supposed "third eye" would be. It feels like a force pushing against the inside of my head. That's the best I can describe it. I can induce these to some extent, but they often happen on their own. In fact, they now happen virtually every evening. From what I've looked up, other people also get this and say it's their third eye activating, or being ready to be activated. I won't comment on the truth of this, because I really don't know. Either by itself, or by my concentration, or even both, the intensity of these can increase.

Another thing that's important to note is my interest in time travel. I've always fantasized on how great it would be to be able to turn back time, and a missed opportunity in my life greatly increased my desire. Strangely enough, it was after this incident that I started feeling these surges. I've read about mental/astral time traveling and I've found a couple of people who claim to have done so, but of course there is no way to prove their claims.

This story takes place last December. I was posting on a message board, which had a fair amount of traffic. I had made a thread (not that it matters, but it was on and was reloading the page to see the replies. At one point, I went back to the main topic list. A few topics down from the top of the list was a new topic with no new posts. I read the topic, but didn't post in it. I went back to my own topic I made, and at that point, I felt the surge.

It was much more intense than usual this time. As I was lying in my bed with my laptop, I closed my eyes and let the feeling wash over me for a moment or two. It subsided for the most part, so I opened my eyes and went back to looking at the message board. I clicked on the main topic list and to my surprise, the topic that I mentioned was now at the very top of the list, but had no replies to it (for those who don't know how internet message boards work, whenever a thread gets posted in, it goes to the top of the page). In other words, it was like the topic had just been created. I read the topic again, and it was by the same user with the exact same content, word for word. I looked at the time it was posted, and it matched up exactly with my computer clock. While I hadn't paid that much attention to the time on the clock the first time I looked at the topic, I could have sworn more time had passed. And no, the topic creator didn't make two of the same topic, I checked.

It was like time was reversed a few minutes. I suppose it could have just been a little glitch of the message board, but I've never seen it happen before. I thought that maybe the first topic might have been deleted, and then remade, but this wouldn't make sense. Only a moderator can delete a topic, and there would have been no reason to, as the content didn't violate any TOS. Not to mention the "new" topic was completely identical to the "old" one. The idea that it was deleted for no reason and then created again identically in what seems like a few minutes later is a bit strange, but I suppose not impossible.

So there's my story. I'm really curious to see if anyone has ever had something similar happen to them. Even if the time travel portion turns out to be completely explainable by natural means, I'd also like opinions on the surge in my head.

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