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Is Evil Trying To Come Get Me?


Last night while I was watching a movie with a group of friends at a friends house, I got a strange text message. The number looked random and unfamiliar. The text read " You have psychic abilities" I texted back asking who it is and if this is a joke. The person replied " Who I am isn't important, and this isn't a joke. So we text for a bit, he sounded very convincing but a little crazy? He said that he has over 20 psychic abilities. And he told me that one of them, is that he can sense if others have a psychic ability. I've been thinking that I may have one or two a long time ago. Before the texts, about 5 months ago. In the past I've had dreams about things that came true in the week or day. Once I had a dream that my best friend was ill. The next day my best friend wasn't at school, she was ill with the same condition that I dreamnt. It used to happen a lot but it has recently not happened in the past couple months. The strange guy that was texting me also said that he was almost killed by an evil psychic. That made me think that he was wack! But he was serious. Right now I'm at home, with my two friends that I was with last night. They know nothing about the texts or what I'm writing right now. We got to my house early, at about 7:30. We were watching tv, my living room has a big window at the side and 2 smaller ones facing the backyard. My couch is by the window at the side. One of my friends was facing the window but watching tv. She started to scream and said that she saw a guy walking by the window into the backyard. Between my house and the neighbors house there is a walkway. The one by the side window was my walkway, leading to only my backyard. We are by ourselfs and my little brother is downstairs playing video games. Its very cold outside so there is no way that he would go there. My friend said the person was wearing a black hoodie and was crouching down so that nobody sees them. We looked out the window and we couldn't see anyone because the window was at an angle. We looked through all the windows but nobody was there, we have a high patio in the backyard so we thought that the person might be under it. So at this point you may be thinking < this isn't a psychic experiance> but can it be? It may be evil, trying to come get me? Or just a shady guy that wants to rob the house? We locked the doors, and windows. Then we closed all of the blinds so it was dark inside. We looked out the window and there was a car in front of my house. It was gray and looked like a modern van, it looked decent but sketchy. In the back seat I spotted a baby, then about 3 minutes later, my friend said " It's not a baby, it's a young man. About 2 minutes later, I looked again and an old man with a long white beard sat in the same spot. In front of my regular door, we have a glass frame, where we keep our shoes and stuff. My friends kept saying " Whatever, let's go watch tv" I said " No, lock the glass door" So we fought over who was going to step out and lock it. Then one of my friends stepped outside, locked it, and ran back inside. I looked at my friend, looked back outside, and the car was gone. What's going on?

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Panhil (4 stories) (79 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-16)
I think I may be able to help you, my e-mail is in my profile I'd prefer for you to contact me that way.

Stark (2 stories) (52 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-14)
reading your story I have two different theories. Either that someone (with special abilities) is messing around with you or that this was just all coincidental and you got texts and a random guy was going to try and rob you.
Valkyrie_Ravel (15 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-14)
Ok what ever you do don't let this guy get any major info on you and if he comes again get the registration just incase he turns out to be a robber but one thing I'd advise you to do is get a blessed cross or pendant or ankh or whatever because they will help to ward off the evil spirits and from a person with expiriance evil spirits are not something you want gaining a certain control over you I have almost died because of it but in the end if there's a guy coming round your house gain as much info on him as possible such as description maybe number plate if he brings a car also staying calm will always help you think straight remember act as if he is a robber not a psychic and if worst comes the worst the police are only a phone call away.

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