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The Day After Thanksgiving


Last November, I went to meet a famous person. (Who I will leave unnamed.) Soon after I began to hear songs performed by this person that I have never heard before. I know things that I could not possibly know because I have not looked. Such as food dislikes, shoe size, etc. I chalked it up to me just being weird. Then... I began to have visions of him... Suddenly, we began communicating telepathically... The first communication happened on the night of the lunar eclipse... I researched twin flame connections... I am very scared. His spirit stays with me everyday to the point that it is hard to function. I have tried medication, cord cutting even praying. But I can still hear him calling me. That is not the worst of it.

I now can hear the subconcious thoughts of others. I can hear their inner thoughts, desires and even their demons. I tried telling my family. They think I am crazy. And when I try to tell people what I heard they look at me as if I am crazy... Do they not know what they are thinking? I also researched schizophrenia. But that disorder does not apply to me for the simple fact that I am not hearing MYSELF I am CLEARLY hearing others IN THEIR OWN SUBCONSCIOUS voice... I have also looked into D.I.D... But I am CLEARLY hearing others not myself. I have visions. Many of them. Of God, of heaven, of hell, of satan. I can even read people's lives at times by just looking at a picture of them. Moving videos SPEAK to me. I can hear the thoughts going on in videos. I am completely opened to the spirit world.

My largest concern is this famous person who's spirit has combined with mine. He is ANGRY, SICK, and completely cold hearted. He keeps asking me to HEAL him telepathically. I don't know what that means. I am significantly older than this person. He seemed to have an interest in me from the day we saw each other. But he has never spoken to me verbally... I believe he has very powerful demons inside of him... He has the power to inhabit my body... I have begun to have seizures which I have never suffered from in my life. One incident in particular that scared me was one day I was looking in the mirror and I saw myself, but that was not me looking back at me. I was so afraid I SCREAMED. We have astral sex of a regular basis... His spirit has completely become one with mine.

Basically I am looking for help. The only thing I have not tried is going to a psychic. I want him removed from me. As I am writing this he is saying "Don't leave." "I need you." "Don't." He tells me he loves me all the time... I have visions of him trying to remove my spirit from my body which manifests itself as an angel. He tries to take my spirit with him. But it always returns. I also felt that during our "meeting" he opened all of his passageways as did I. AM I psychic? Did my experience meeting this person make me telepathic? Is there a specific name for this? If I go back before him can I "return" what he has done to me? I'm at my wits end...

I have even spoken to people beyond the grave. And connected people telepathically to their deceased loved ones... I have also healed people telepathically. I can see demons. I am very frightened by the demons I hear in people they can be threatening at times. When I go somewhere... I can FEEL demonic presence. I can tell when people are lying. What has happened?

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HaruNoTsuki (guest)
13 years ago (2011-04-11)
A door has been opened. It is up to you to close it. That's all I can feel out of this story. I sincerely hope you can find your path out of this, go to a psychic, make sure they are real. We are only people whose faces you can't see. I am afraid it might be a hungry incubus. Please, you will know the right thing.
Newblood (1 stories) (202 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-11)
Ok well your not the only one going through this it seems to be a lot of other people are to. I went through it an that's how I got to where I am now. For me it started on the oujie bored last summer an then it got so bad where my supconcious was able to control the bored and I also went through tempted posetions and a few other things. I prayed a lot an they where finaly answerd. For me it got so bad it felty like my i.d. Was fading. My eye color changed at one point I even had two seperit eye colors one blue one green. Now things are fine with me I some times have preminitions, I can predict certin thing my body gets warrnings about what will happen to some one else I'm contected toos body. I can do quite a few things I never could before sence our father saved myself. I also found out that a few of the dreams I had as a kid where preminitions or like clues.

Now when I went through things similer to what you are (which I still can't quite figure out what its all about) but when I pluged my ears I could make it go away and when I went to a church and prayed. In my case though some really bad things happened but less seems to happen to others. There was one point when it was going on to me where I talked to two other people on this site and it like spread to them. This does have a little some thing to do witrh 2012 to, and some of it has to do with some thing like a nostradomis effect.

Alot of people on here don't believe me but that's cool. Some times when spirits or other thing are like strung to me where my mind becomes a luittle scrambled and my self donst feel like my self I go out side and pray and if its at night I can some times see flash of light as spiritul energy is pulled away or removed from around me.
Humindigold (guest)
13 years ago (2011-04-08)
It's easy to tell, from your story, that your abilities, as they've developed, now seem somewhat like curses esp at this point in your life, and you've obviously lost it Completely!. But that's good, yes I said good.Now,i suggest you get something to let out all of your frustrations until you're weak and drained. In this state, say the "our Father's prayer",and open yourself to the light that will fill your soul, for God's the best being whom I know you should turn to. A being (or beings) of light will surround you, and you'll have direct conference with him (God).After this prayer, say nothing for he does know all about your predicament. As funny as this might sound, I can hear that man throwing threats at me for writing this, but he's powerless where I am for I have complete knowledge that I'm a being of light with immeasurable power and might, just like YOU, for we were all made in his own image, and so we're automatically greater than the vilest of evils. After you've confered with him,you'll feel light,peaceful, saved, and reborn.You'll realise a great deal, and come back to consciousness with a wealth of visions just for you. These will act as guides to your new life.However,he'll try to come back, and bond with you again, which is when you spiritually put your foot down, and bang the door on him BAM!. If he's part of the cause of your present state of mind, he can't be anything of the light, and you are.So,you must draw the line after this. Psychic advice:Meditate,meditate,visualise constantly cutting what binds you to him, or a great Seraphim doing it for you, ask your light guides to assist you in controlling your abilities. Control comes with time, and needs patience, to accomplish. I humindigold, sincerely hope this helps however to what extent.

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