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We moved in this house when I was 2 I'm 13 now but ever since I was little I always knew something was in here and but nobody believed me. It got really bad amost 2 years ago because my parents got divorced and then I could feel them even more when my when my parents go divorced. I remember I would literally run out of my mom's room because I felt things looking at me and I would be in my room and feel something in there. I couldn't go anywhere without feeling something but in November I was trying to go to sleep I was facing the wall and I felt something right behind me and then felt something breathe on my arm and the next night I was going to sleep and felt something behind me again but nothing breathe on me this time and I wouldn't sleep in there in there anymore but in Febuary we called ghost hunters because I was getting depressed but when I was out of the house I was fine and we had children, a demon, and more the demon was a man which was the who breathed on me that night we even had the grim reaper in our house there gone now but I feel something else in here now. I'm scared of everything I don't know what to do I need advice. I don't really no what to do can anybody help me at all I'm scared.

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Kitti (1 stories) (10 posts)
11 years ago (2011-04-28)
Don't be scared - you're all right! Scarlet Marie is right, opening up and talking about it is very important. Find someone you trust and talk about it to them, because it helps a lot. Just ask and I'll give either of you my email as well.^_^ These abilities can be very scary. But they are also very, very special, and you should be proud. I still get scared, but I'm learning to not be. I guess it just takes some time.
Good luck! 😊
ScarletMarie (guest)
11 years ago (2011-04-26)
Hey, I've had some of the same experiences.
Not only that, but I'm 13 as well. I've seen the Grim Reaper outside my house, and it scared me so bad, I had to turn on my light. My mom came in and I told her what happened but she wouldn't believe me. And I also feel ghosts around me. I barely ever tell anyone this. My boyfriend doesn't even know! I'm afraid to tell anyone.
And sometimes it also depresses me, and I think I'm crazy!
But I have only 2 close friends that I talk to about these things. It's comforting. They believe in ghosts just like I do and deal with the same things. One sees visions and ghosts. And the other one can see the future using nature. What I think you should do is find some friends that you can talk to about this. Don't be afraid to open up a little. Take it easy by just asking them if they believe in ghosts, and see where it goes from there.
If you need to talk, I will give you my email.

Good Luck!


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