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Dreams that Are Coming True


Since I could remember, I have been having very vivid dreams. The colors are so bright and the places and people seem so real. Sometimes I see myself in the dreams or other times I see through my eyes. I love how vivid they are and how real they are but sometimes they scare me because of this same reason.

I had one dream where I was being stabbed and when I woke up I had cuts all down my arms. Now, yes, I could have did this to myself but I have had many dreams like this, or dreams where I am dying, or I am in great pain. The feeling in my chest or body is so bad that I wake up, however the pain is sill there for a few moments. I have also had dreams where I have been pregnant or I have just had a kid and I can feel every bit of overwhelming love. I can feel their little bodies and their warmth and when I wake up, I feel so empty because they aren't there.

I started writing down my dreams and found out that I have a few dreams that tell me things. Since I can remember, I have always dreamed about tornadoes. I used to have a dream over and over again where I would go in a empty house that would lift off the ground and spin and I would be stuck to the floor. I would turn my head and out of every window I could see tornadoes in bright colors. I had this dream often about once a week.

Than the dream changed to where I would see different sizes or I would be at a different place or I would be running from them. I started to write down my dreams so that I could remember them, which I don't have problem with but some little details I find I have dreamed before. I found out from writing a diary and a dream book that three days after a tornadoes dream, what ever I dreamed about would happen. It has happened four times now and now my dreams have changed again.

The last dream I had the tornado was the biggest I had ever seen and I said the size in my dream. I said it is an F5. I have never said anything like this before and now I am wondering what it means. It took longer this time for the dream to come true, a few weeks, so I am wondering if that is the reason for me saying the size, but I won't know until I have another dream.

I also had a weird dream where I was being attacked by an evil demon. When he talked ,he was screaming in a high pitch scream that I couldn't make out, and the wind from his scream made me not able to breath. He held me down by digging his long finger nails into my rib cage. It hurt so bad in my dream and when I woke up, my rib cage hurt like crazy and it took me a moment to catch my breath because I was breathing so hard. That dream really frightened me because of the dream itself, but also because I got the same feeling after the demon dream that I get after my tornado dreams, the feeling that there is a meaning behind the dream.

A few nights later I woke to someone yelling but I couldn't make out what he said because it was only a few words. I am confused by all of this and would like to figure it out or look more into it but don't know how. Should I look more into this? What do you think.

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Kenneth McDermott (guest)
15 years ago (2007-11-19)
ive read that psychic abilities don't deal with physical contact, but this is different... Today I was goofing around with my friend and I touched her... But I saw her future (I could see main events but only a few because it wasn't all to clear) when I came to reality I had a really really tight grip on her arms and my teahcer had to get me off of her. I was sweating and scared. Everyone was giving me a wierd look and most of all I frightened my friend =[...i know psychic abilities don't deal with physical contact but could someone help me out? (and I do have dreams about the future about once every month)...i really hope someone can help
Kenneth McDermott (guest)
15 years ago (2007-11-18)
if anyone what's to talk in the chat room about ANYTHING I'm here for you. =]
The_Young_Psychic (1 stories) (5 posts)
15 years ago (2007-11-18)
This is common. Normally, others would call this a "De Javu". I highly doubt that. It just happens that your brain is playing tricks on you when you least expect it? Hah! I laugh at those kind of people. It's common to most of us, but normally it's something minor... Like talking to someone and then you realize it's from a dream. Or eating. Or watching TV. Or... Anything really. I get these kind of things once or twice a week. Don't be scared. Abuse it. I have also had a dream where I learned a chant to do something in a dream. A dream is a dream, but I forgot the six chant words. It was just a dream to be though, accounting on TV characters were in it. Lol
LucidDreamer (guest)
15 years ago (2007-11-17)
I have a great idea for you! Because your dreams are so vivid, it would be a good idea for you to try lucid dreaming. That's when you know that you're dreaming as you're dreaming. You can control everything that happens in a lucid dream simply by imagining it or "wanting" it as some people say. When you do this it would probably be best if your "wanting" something to happen is as genuine as you can make it. Some really cool things you can do once you've figured out how to lucid dream are: entering someone else's dream and interacting in it if you want, visiting any time and place you wish (such as a happy time as a child or some time in the near future (like the day after your dream) so you can see what will [probably] happen), talking to spirit guides and or angels (like your guardian angel), and a lot of other things you can probably find online about it. I wouldn't try to talk to people that have passed on to the "other side" though because it says in the Bible (Basic instructions before leaving earth-Bible) that it's forbidden. After all, the "other side" is separated from ours for a reason.
Prince raj (guest)
15 years ago (2007-11-16)
in which direction you are sleeping? Never sleep in the south direction i.e your head on the north
bluesky (guest)
15 years ago (2007-11-16)
last night it happened again to me twice where I heard someone yelling. The first time it was so loud that I woke and sat up in bed so fast and hard I thought I woke my boyfriend but he was snoring and sound a sleep. I looked all over the room thinking I was going to see someone but there was nothing. I cuddled up to my boyfriend now kind of shaken and started to drift off again and just as I was almost a sleep you know when you are half dreaming and I heard someone say something again. Okay now I was scared and thinking I was going crazy and really held my boyfriend and now expecting to hear something as I was falling a sleep I didn't but as I drifted of to sleep into that half asleep mode I could hear people talking people I knew or didn't know in that dream stage and they where loud and I was trying to remember what they where saying but I fell asleep and don't remember. I can never make out what the person is saying but it always sounds urgent or like they are trying to wake me up. Has any one else had this I am kind of nrevous to go to sleep tonight cause tonight I am alone.

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