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This is about how me having psychic abilities is giving me some problems, so read if you feel like helping me. With a couple decisions I have to make. Okay, so I'm having an issue... Along with begin a psychic I really like witchcraft and my friend she's so logical, she's beginning to hate me, I think she stopped believing in it after she couldn't get this guy to hypnotize me last year. She seemed a little excited when I first told her, but she began to talk to me less and less and after I couldn't predict that her pets (let's just say I'm having some problems with my abilities too) I've never been able to control them, the slightest touch of the railing at the mall and I would see myself falling over I would always have to prey it wasn't a vision, or something someone else was scared of, or my overactive imagination playing games on me. Then when her pets died I was in the middle of hitting my head on the wall thinking something's wrong when a tragedy hit a week later I don't want to tell anyone what that tragedy was because I know everyone's going to say I'm faking this just because it was like global news. And I don't want attention I want advice. So my friends hating me because I'm a psychic and I like witchcraft and she's like this religious "studier" (in other words kind of nerd-ish) and well I don't know what to do. But I promised my other friend that I would use a spell to banish a demon she found because we'd rather not give it what it wants (you don't want to know) because it wants "powers" and we aren't sure if it wants these weird demon powers we here about or like our psychic abilities for itself. As you can see I'm in a really tight situation... And really frustrated on everything because my friends have been ignoring me for days and like out of 6 of 10 are ignoring me and I feel like my friends are my sisters and like I would've trusted them with my life, but this just because they know about me it's really hard for me to do anything without them despising me. And well they all call me depressive and overly emotional and they say things continuously behind my back, so the point I'm trying to get here is like somewhere around should I stop all this stuff about witchcraft (even though I'm really into it, and my grandmother taught me about it and need to banish a demon) Because Wicca is an actual religion it's not this thing where people point their fingers anymore, there's worse religions too. But it's not like I've given up on god just because I want Wicca as like a second religion, or should I give up on it all (and let the demon haunt us) and try to get my friends back and struggle to be "normal" again? It's a really confusing deal because my friends hate me over having psychic abilities my friends that are still there for me tell me they're just jealous, but I get these nasty posts everywhere from them, and I'm just sick of it. Also if someone can tell me this, why do people disapprove so much of someone having a sixth sense it bothers me? I mean around where I "live" there's like 3 out of 10 people (which is kind of a lot) who have an ability. And it's not like we control it, waking up in the morning and saying "oh I want a sixth sense today, I think I'm going to switch it on" it's not really that simple. As you all who read this probably know. Plus it doesn't help they're all obsessed with twilight, (I really don't like vampire's-childhood thing) so sometimes they roll their eyes just because I can't draw that well I usually write better than that. But the details are never clear enough for me to write, I mean if something is really major I'll be swept over with this weird feeling like sadness or grief or fear like whatever was going to go on of whatever someone was feeling there. And if the disaster is big enough my friend usually tells me what happened, because whoever died will be able to tell her, then I usually feel guilty for a couple weeks because I have no idea what to do, sorry if I seem to be jumping around there's a lot I want to talk about. I know there's no way I could just say hey I want to get rid of whatever psychic ability I have left when I wake up in the morning... And truthfully after all my complaining and fear that ran through me when I knew these things I don't have as much "ability" anymore and I kind of miss it, but the migraines? Not so much. I mean the entire town-thing lives surrounded by trees; with a couple houses here and there it's kind of hard not to have any ability out here. Usually sometimes I have an active imagination, that and my psychic ability start mixing and I'll accidentally write about something that happened to them and when I go to email them asking if it's good they get mad at me. I mean it's not like I wanted to or was stalking them or anything weird like that my abilities are pure accident. And it's getting really frustrating to my friends that I can't control any of it, I mean it could be worse I could be the only one but at least I've got two others who totally understand what I'm going through. One of my "other" friends doesn't even believe her own cousin (who's moved away) could see spirits. They are also all giving me problems because, they think I must live a picture perfect life, just because I don't talk about my families deaths and they come to school practically screaming over someone's death. I know it's harsh but I'm kind of happy for whoever died in my family because while they were alive they were in a lot of pain and now they can go to heaven when they cross over. My friends been morning about her pets for a year now, through that year one of my pets died, my great-grandmother died, and on top of this she and the rest of them decides to randomly blame my witchcraft for the problems caused between us the day another one of my relatives die. She also insists that I claim to have psychic abilities because of how everyone made fun of me last year, and that I'm just depressed and looking for attention. The only reason I was picked on was because I would rather be reading books then listen to them talk about how tragic their lives where because they couldn't find the right outfit to the dance or something. And that I was depressive just because they were constantly pointing out my flaws. Right now I know I'm trailing off, but it's because I think the more details the more likely you'll be able to give me a good answer on what I should do. My friends who are still on my side say everything will be fine and they'll get over it, I never really thought that my other friends would act in such a way. They say how I rely on magic and I would die without talking about it the only thing I've done is protection spells and they didn't even know. I hear (let's say this is just gossip but it still kind of breaks me on the inside) that they think I'm nuts and insane and I've got no idea about anything in the world. Hearing that kind of sucks when I could wake up with a nightmare about someone dying and have them die the next day, and they can have all these really stupid dreams. I mean the way I've talked about them it makes them sound so mean, when I thought I knew them they where sweet girls you'd think you could trust anything with, my one friend insisted she had psychic abilities too, now she's with the let's say non-believers. I mean Wicca it's not illegal it's an actual religion and they act like it's a crime when the religion my other friend took up a worse religion that's nothing like Wicca and she just took it up to make herself immortal. I don't even use Wicca for that and even she glares at me, I had one of my friends who still likes me ask her why she hates me and she glared at me when I was all the way a crossed the room and said how she hated witchcraft and that I should just shut up about it and stop doing it. As you could probably read it's really complicated around here and I'm desperate for advice such as on the demon and my difficult choice between my friends (who are beginning to hate me) and Wicca (which is the reason of it, but needed to banish the demon without what it wants).

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-25)
Some people have psychic powers given to them by God, like the saints did... But don't show them off to others, because they might feel intimidated LOL. Now, if you believe in God, you don't have to cast spells, even protection spells. Just PRAY to God and the Angels for protection. You creep out your friends, because today you might only cast protection spells, but tommorrow you might cast a curse spell, if someone pisses you off, or if you get jealous of someone... And don't tell me you won't, because if you have power to do witchcraft, one day, you'll abuse it. That's why people get the creeps about the occult and witchcraft. And don't forget, God in the bible FORBIDS us to be witches and cast ANY sort of spell... Because demons get into your life, and the Angels flee from you. Think about it sweety, it's your choice and your life! To choose between the power of Jesus and the Holy Angels, and the dark power of sorry A$$ satan and his demons... You are free to choose your master, and bear the consequences. Stay safe. God bless.+
Shelia (5 stories) (34 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-28)
thank you for all your comments and help what I found out after all my old friends ditched me is somehow I surronded myself with eopl with powers and I got like two of my friends back I was really pleased but I can still feel the disconnention I also got new friends I trust and I discovered its a small trait that runs in mostly thegirls of family after my eldest cousin with a gift disapeared I found myself to become the sort of teacher person of the family but its really hard becase first you got to figure out if they have powers ornot becausr I'm retracing my mistakes of my childhood life and fixing it all so I decided not to tell my family but thakl you so much I am in a much better easy going life because of all you now the ones who stuck by my side are really close now closer than a buncha sisters who really reallyreally care for one anither, so to those who are curious about the demon we think it got bored and disapeared and that supernatural bgins are attrached to people with piwers so we've learneded we can't banish all demons that come oyr way but hope for the best sorry for all the typos I jut got a kindle and the keyboards reall small.
chillz (7 stories) (19 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-28)
Where shall I begin... How about remain true to yourself. You cannot change who you are. Worry less about what others think about you, and focus more on strengthening your abilities. Don't give up on what you have. You have it for a reason. It is hard in a world like today where people are obsessed with the powers that be, and with the childish movies out, such as "twilight", people have certain expectations of those who actually carry these powers. Learn from your mistakes, when I say this I mean becareful who you choose to tell about all of you. My whole life I've had only a few close friends, I can count on 1 hand how many know about my abilities. A couple I didn't tell, they figured it out over the years. I have many good friends who just think I'm very good at giving advise, and I leave it at that. But like I said focus on strengthening your abilities to protect those you love. Don't get down when you didn't see something coming... I lost my son. 2 days before he passed I had a massive panic attack meltdown. I knew something terrible was going to happen but didn't know what. A few days later I was over it and forgot about it, then found my baby not breathing. I cursed my abilities denied who I was and went to a very dark place. But I'm back and I realize now there is a greater power than us, I call him God. He has a plan and we cannot change it, this is why we fail ourselves and others at times. Know that this is just a part of natural life.
Gaurdian1159 (1 stories) (14 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-23)
ive had friends ditch me too but its never stoped people, even supper religous ones from being my friends if they really wanted to be, just this past year one of my friendsfind the path of the goddess only to freak out when all me and all my other psychic and wiccan friends to critisize her (she was trying to teach us[she learned everything off the internet]) and she tryed to preform a ritual with out grounding (!) and she has fell out of my friendshipp because I was voted in as the new "teacher" (ive been practiceing the longest out of my friends) my point is that now she managed to piss off a spirit... What I'm saying is follow what ever path you feel you should if your afraid of what people will think do what the witches of old did and go in the broom closet, but in all honesty if they shune you fro what you are, not who you are they arnt real friends... As for the demon... It sounds like what my group calls a harvestor, it probly want you to do something with blood or some such with a sacrafice something like that I'm guessing, I sudjest consulting a professinal about dealing with it, even if its just with how... Demons can be dangerous with someone without expirence, altho I doubt you need me to tell you that (forgive the spelling errors) goodluck
ghostgirl3512 (6 stories) (298 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-12)
If you're friends hate you because you're psychic and a Wiccan, then they're not real friends and you're better off without them.

I'm a Wiccan as well, and while I get some hate for it, many people I talk to about it are really interested in it. Remember that Wicca involves witchcraft, which many people have misconceptions on. It's terrible, but is going to happen. I was even accused of cursing someone. Just remember who YOU are an to hell with what others think about you!

Abilities, like you said, cannot be switch on and off or controlled. Try to dicephier what is a real vision, and what is your imagination. Whenever I see a real vision, it feels like I'm watching myself see what's happening. If I get one in a dream, I can feel myself lying in bed while I'm dreaming it.

If you have any questions or need any help, my email is posted on my profile.

Blessed be,
Lolli ❤
luna-star (3 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-27)
I've had friends turn on me too, not because of my physic ablity's though (I didn't realize what they were until later on in middle school). But what I found to be the best is to just act like the comments aren't hurting you in any way (even though it is). I've been name called though my whole life so far, so I know what I'm talking about (I'm 16).

As for the Wicca... I would just be carful with that because my mom when she was around my age was into weegee boards. What happened is that she ended up burning the board, it screaming the whole time (litarly). I'm not against Wicca, I actually have some friends of my own who are Wican.

I guess what I'm trying to say is just try to protect yourself and your ablity's. You shouldn't try to change for anyone (trust me I've tried that, it didn't work I just ended up controled for a bit by a demonic spirit (but that's beside the point)). You were given these gifts for a reason, the only thing is finding out how to use it for good.

Also, just saying, when I was at a Pow-Wow (it's a meating for those of indian blood to gather and have dance compotisions and sell crafts to the public) that the smoke of sweet grass can help purify an area.
lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-27)
Hi Shelia
In my opinion you shoudn't really have to choose between your self, friends, or religon.
You need to be yourself and not be forced to change yourself for anyone who doesn't accept you for who you are and what you like. True friends stick by you no matter what they don't judge you or backstab you. They need to accept you for who you are, what you like and your psychic abilites.
Honestly I believe you should let your frinds go and make new ones who will accept you for who you are and what you can do. Yes it is hard to find friends like that but you can find friends like that. I understand you a lot I had friends who were like yours but I had to make a choice so I give them up and found new friends who do accept me for who I am and don't blame me for anything bad that happens in their life.
I have a best friend who is really into god religon and doesn't believe in abilites but she has stuck by me and doesn't judge me and She has always told me I don't know what out there so I can't always assume that psychics abilites don't exist. She very open minded and has stuck by me through all the drama she is my best friend and a true friend.
I have a huge family and most of them have accused me of lying about my abilites, ruining their lives or cursing them and that includes my sister.
They are my family but I decided 2 years ago that I no longer wanted contact or anything with them and I am only 16 so it wasn't easy and still is hard cause sometimes I want to meet up with them to talk but I can't, it too much backstabbing, lying and more but I need to do what best for me.
It hard in the begining to make choices but you should do what best for yourself and not let anyone words bother you even if it your family.
Choose what you like and what you really want but don't let anyone change you for who you are. Lose all the negative friends you have and search for new ones. If you want to talk just email me at yaminaramos [at]
Good luck
SnowAngel12 (guest)
13 years ago (2011-05-26)
Woah, That is a lot of information to take in and you tend to skip around. Next time, would you mind splitting up the paragraphs so it is a little bit easier to read? Thanks

But beside that, Demon's wanting power and how to banish it. Here are somethings you could try and experiment. I am not saying it will work for you possibly not so don't feel disheartened because it did not work. Keep an open mind to different ways people tackle a question to arrive to the solution. Either you possibly did it wrong, or used the incorrect energy, or its not the one for you.

Remember this though not all people have the knowledge or the power to completely kick them out or destroy them. Most people will just kick them out or send them back. I am not sure on how to destroy them, this is a THEORY though, if your energy is powerful enough to eradicate their essence then its possible.

1. Look up Native American Rituals of cleansing using Sage or actually go to a Native American who knows how to do it.

2. Monks. I know this sound strange, but there are really powerful and spiritual monks. Dedicating their whole life to the spiritual aspect and possible combating such entities. You should see how the Shaolin monks use their energy. Its no joke on how strong they are and can be.

3. Christianity or catholic. Just because you believe in wicca does not mean that you are barred from entering a place. If you feel uncomfortable, just don't tell them what you believe. What you want him to do is set up barriers and cleanse the place. Now this is where the tough part comes in, finding the right priest who knows what he is doing. Not the one that runs away when they feel danger but are willing to step up to the challenge in what is laid in front of them. This goes for everyone... If they do it wrong it will piss off the spirits and they will come back stronger.

4. Holy water- This acts like a cleanser or purifier. Like Sages it only cleanse the place without proper protection barriers that are put up, they will come back. If all you do is squirt water at them its like slapping them in the face and they get angry. Remember to always ask for protection to strengthen your shield and to brace yourself for oncoming attacks.

5. Setting up strong protection barrier using your own energy. You don't need spells or rituals. You learn how to control your energy/chi/chakra. Its like imagining creating a energy ball in your hand and expanding it through out the area you want it to protect. Problem is you got to do this quite often, because energy that is blocking out the entities will not last forever, and must be constantly rebuilt. Tai chi and yoga has great exercise in controlling your own energy. As you get better the amount of things you can protect increases. Martial arts also helps with energy control. Everyone can learn this... Its not impossible.

6. Prayer. I know it sound cheesy but it does work, but this depends on how close you are to the higher power and your belief. I am not saying you shouldn't try, who knows where it can lead you and what answer is given.

7. 2 fully charged Selenite and 2 Obsidian. My friend told me about this one. You need more than one person to take part in this. They used it to draw out the dark entities/demon out of a person. These stones are just tools though, if you are good at putting energy into stones, this can be effective. What you do is first off charge the Selenite, aka put light energy into it, and the Obsidian are conductors of pulling out the dark energy. Obsidian are really strong at drawing in negative and dark energy, I advise cleansing it everyday and run it under warm water for as long as you can depending on the size of the stone.

9. Look up other religion on how they cleanse and protect. Half the time its not about setting up spells and weaving complicated chants. It really comes down to belief and how much your willing to sacrifice your energy to do the job.

8. Other stronger psychic they might have more answers to your question.

For your friends... You got a lot of drama to deal with, but truthfully speaking everyone always deals with drama one way or another. We can already make our own soap opera.

Look its human nature, to act such a way to better themselves and put people down. I agree with you on it gets really really annoying that they worry about what is in it for them on really really trivial things. It gets so annoying that I personally give them a wtf stare to shut them up and they go looking for someone else to talk about. And what gets even annoying is they ask for reassurance of the same thing that they worry about constantly, but don't forget that we tend to be hypocritical and do the same thing so be careful on how you act.

My advice and question is to you is 1st off, are they your true friends who are willing to learn and change with you or at their own pace? Or are they only worried about themselves that they can not see what is in front of them? Can you see yourself with them in the next 2 years, if not Thank them for the things you have learned from them and move on. I am not saying cut ties, but when you must part ways, its best to head along your route. They will either catch up with you or move a different route. They choose. Not you. Don't feel bad because they choose that route, you can come back and give advice and help them out when they need it. Your encounter with them is for their benefit as well as your because both has learned something or lost something from one another. Your job in my opinion, is that you learn from your surroundings, better yourself, and move on.

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