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Many Signs


I get many different signs as to things to come. Smoke before a death of someone 3 days prior and the consistency and smell of the smoke gives me information on The nature of the death.

Different birds for different weather, and them acting oddly or hawks crying before really strong crazy storms, seeing a certain object multiple times Everywhere (tsunami's/waves weeks before the Japanese earthquakes and tsunami).

I get words in my head that I don't know and have to look up in a dictionary, Up to a couple weeks later someone will go to a hospital and have this ailment that is the word in my head. Or I get the specific hospital room number. The a scientific name of a storm system that moves through.

The wind will shift differently and I know something bad is coming. I get nauseous and a strange feeling in my chest and head and then there are earthquakes. A lot having to do with weather. I also see certain numbers everywhere, mostly 11.

Certain numbers indicating certain actions, their shape tells me what is coming 7's are tornados Does any one else have this?

Does anyone have insight or thought on the hurricane season or weather this year? Maybe Areas you think should get better prepared?

Also, I am of Native American descent. I have dreams coming true, hearing conversations, bed shaking (less frequent) shadows, being touched and someone that blows in my ear... Etc. I'd like these experiences to be more frequent so I can understand more, yet, with two little ones meditation is few and far between:) Does anyone know how to make these happenings stronger?



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