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Am I Close To Having An OBE?


I am a beginner in Astral travel as I have yet to experience one (one that I clearly can remember). I think I have had one or two in my youth but I definitely can't remember for sure; those where of flying and ended with falling to the ground. What I can remember from them the vision was kind of foggy, like a grey mist that surrounded my vision and that I couldn't stop the falling.

Another occurrence was when I woke up early one morning and my bed shook, or at least I thought it did. I think now that it was me, in a pre-astral travel state.

I have taken a great interest in the subconscious and astral travel amongst many things the latest 2 years and I'm currently trying to achieve astral travel. At the moment I can go to focus 10 although it takes a while to do it and while I'm there I am trying to just be and will myself out of my body. I get the floating experiences which feels like I'm sinking or floating up or to the side and what not. I recently experienced pulsating waves on my forehead when I focused on that spot. What are these? Are these the vibrations that is typical before having an OOBE? Also, I'm wondering if I am doing this right. I'm thinking about whether I should try to fall asleep fully with just the intention to astral travel or if I should lay there in focus 10 and just will myself out. One method sounds like falling asleep and hoping for an OOBE and another sounds more like meditating myself out. What is the difference between these? Need some guidance please and by the way the relaxation is not the problem, I think it's more the concentration and to not let my mind chatter all the time.

Thank you <3


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AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-07-18)
Focusing on the sound in your head is a great technique. It allows you to focus on something but not too distracting. The rapid heart beat is actually your chakras opening up. Sometimes you can also feel like you're about to burst into flames (kundalini rising). This has spoiled many of my attempts. Our chakras open naturally when we sleep so we don't normally notice it but they can also do this when we deeply meditate. Trust me, I wish there were an easy way to project. After the years, I've not tried so hard for the desire to have a conscious separation right when I go to bed, but instead, try and become lucid while I'm asleep. Or the second best way is to do it upon waking in the morning while you're still groggy.

There are other downsides to focusing on AP at the starting point of straight from the physical, versus from a dream and that is; you're going to endure the etheric anomollies and probably hear things that frighten you. You'll also be suseptible to the magnetic hold which often pulls back newbies. I suggest you do mantras before going to bed to become lucid while you are sleeping. During the day, question if you are dreaming. If you can become lucid while dreaming, you can take control of the experience and go from there. Lucid dreams are just desguised astral experiences anyway. Dreams are fuzzy and weird because our subconsious mind is running the show and is highly symbolic and has an agenda we're not conscious of, however, an AP is our conscious mind running the show and we do as we consciously wish. Make sense?

Have a great day.
SiriusTraveler (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2011-07-06)
By the way, this time when I was more successfull I focused on the sound inside my head, the little ringing or buzzing we all have.
SiriusTraveler (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2011-07-06)
Thank you Anne! I actually have read almost everything on your webpage "astralvoyage" and yesterday I got a step closer to an OOBE. There were rapid heartbeats and a lot of buzzing, not so much or hard vibrations though. I probably will have to go even deeper but I'm currently thinking of how will I know when to roll over or when the time is right to rise so to speak, granted that I do not float out automatically. How much time passes before you reach the stage where you can separate?
Yesterday I think I was pretty quiet in my mind and I didn't hear any chattering, up until the rapid heartbeating and the buzzing started. That started my mind going again. I have patience and I know its hard but I also know I will reach my goals if I just have that goal and really want to.

By the way, thank you for absolutelly GREAT sites (, this one etc.) and keep up the good work. Your an inspiration for many people out there.

Regards Linus
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-07-05)
We project naturally while we sleep. What you're trying to accomplish here is a conscious OBE. However, you're still too awake. Do you do all this chatting while trying to fall asleep? Of course not. It may take months to learn how to fully put the body to sleep yet keep the mind awake. Focus 10 is great for meditation (I know all about these states as I have been an avid follower of Robert Monroe's work for years) but you need to go deeper. If you're still feeling your body and doing all this inner chatter, you're not there. You'll know when you're there when the vibrations start. A mild buzz is not it. A mild dozing off is not it. It's vibrations so hard that it feels like a large earthquake is happening. Only rarely do people separate without them (usually after they are asleep and then just become conscious).

Read more at my sister site at There is a beginner's guide and tons of articles there.

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