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Why I Believe I Am A Medium


I have always had the feeling that I was a psychic ever since I was young (and no, it wasn't my imagination after watching too much That's So Raven on Disney Channel). Even when I was young, I felt a strong connection from beyond. Downstairs in my basement there was a room (which is now re-done) that was full of clutter at one point. In there, I always felt a strong, creepy feeling as if someone else was in there. When I brought the other medium I know into the room, he agreed that there was definitely another entity in the room. At times I would have dreams about dead relatives I didn't know. My great grandma would always call her son in law the "rotten old German" and in my dream she called him that, even though I never heard her say that before. I only knew she said it after crying and fearfully explaining the dream to my mother who told me about this. For months I wouldn't sleep alone because at night I would always see a figure resembling my great grandmother sitting at my bedside. I have been able to communicate with my dead father through dreams.

Just recently I tried moving a shoe with my mind. I placed the shoe in front of me and shut my eyes. I felt power rushing through me and when I opened my eyes a few minutes later, the shoe was on the opposite side of the room with no explanation.

I also discovered that I can talk to my pets. In my mind, I asked my dog if he loved me, and he responded with "Of course" and so I communicated to him that if he loved me he would jump on my knees, which he did. I also asked my cat if she loved me (through telepathy) and she told me that she did, and I asked her to lick my hand to prove it. She inched closer and soon her sand paper tongue was harshly gliding against my hand.

I'm 14 and I need some insight to whether I am a psychic or not.

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Psychicmzy100 (12 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-14)
Yes you are and I'm a psychic too I've been for 1 and a half years... 😳 😳

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