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Blurred Future, Torn Self


I always thought I was different. In school I was always shy and never talked much, even up to this day. I thought of my future as constantly as I do now, yet I don't know what I truly seek. I eventually started to have feelings of Deja Vu, along with a general curiosity of how I remember seeing whatever was in front of me without remembering the sight physically beforehand.

This feeling of Deja Vu hasn't always happened with just that feeling alone either. At times I hear distorted sounds and often a high pitch ringing in a completely silenced area. Of course I'll try to drown out other ongoing sounds to focus on what I'm hearing, and it's very whisper-sounding. Plenty of times I've heard whispers and whistling of the wind, but what I hear sometimes resembles low toned whispers. I seem to be able to hear them both mentally and remotely, but I can't understand what, if anything they're trying to tell me.

Among these other interesting developments is my feeling of loss of identity. When I look at things through my eyes, anything like my hands or the trees, it feels like I'm seeing through these, but they're not mine. I feel I am not who I am, that this body is a vessel, that my flesh and blood, is not my own.

I've always looked into various metaphysical and spiritual practices with great interest. And I've always kept an open-mind my entire life so far. I will venture further into my mind and hopefully discover what I am feeling, and hopefully by some force, I'll find out who I truly am.

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AnneV (4 stories) (1045 posts) mod
9 years ago (2011-07-21)
Sound to me like you've got the physical reality more pegged than you realize. You are just a vessel. Nothing really belongs to any of us. We are transitory beings experiencing consciousness through these bodies that we'll eventually shed and the tree will fall.

"Who I am" is just an ego statement. I try and not identify too closely with any label of that nature because we are part of the All That Is. When we create separation in our mind "I am this, you are that" is when conflict occurs. Look at today's wars on humanity based on differences and you'll see my point.

Loss of identity is the ego's biggest fear. But you seem to be passing smoothly through that. I'd venture to say incredible metaphysical things await you. Who are you? Who am I? Who are we? The collective consciousness seemingly splintered off to experience itself so that one day we will realize the united ness of us and just be:)

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