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I was born in Cape Town and last saw my granny in 1991. My Dad's mum passed away in 1998. In 2004 I had a dream, I was traveling on a bus, she was sitting next to me and it dawned on me she wasn't supposed to be there. I told her and she smiled. I left the gas on gas mark 7 for 20 minutes in 2004, I smelt gas, when I opened the door, not a flicker. Beginning of 2005 my doorbell went off - it is set at a tune, this time it was a different tune, I opened the door - nobody there, went outside, my bunny rabbit was looking poorly - 24 hours later he died.

May 2005, my Mum's mum passed away in Cape Town, every day for 7 days afterwards, something strange happened, my mum and I discussed going to Cape Town to see my aunty as she was living in my grans flat. I saw Table Mountain in the sky, my aunty booked it, we ended up staying at a place called Angels and the lady who owns is a medium, she said people come to her for a reason, she did an angel card reading. She said I have a gift and can help others - at the time I did not understand what she meant. She said I have an orange aura and that I have a guardian angel watching over me. I saw my gran's face in the sky when I came home, a lot of deja vu happened, then in April this year I was looking at a photo taken in Cape Town of my aunty and I stood next to my gran's flat - something told me I would see her and I looked and she is there in the back- clear as day every time I look. I then picked up a presence in my house and the priest blessed the house on May 11th - 2nd anniversary of my gran's passing, which I think is significant. It feels ok now but I can see images on the walls and light flickers every time I go into my bedroom. I also see faces on my lounge curtains.

I have an aura over my right hand and get a lot of energy and have been told I can be a healer as I have seen my own light, I can look at people and tell them things, I can't talk to my partner as he doesn't believe, but would like to develop it, to learn how to switch off as some days it gets intense. Recently a friend passed away and I sensed it and on the day of her death, I saw a light flicker in front of me and every Wednesday for 2 weeks afterwards, she has flickered to tell me she is ok. I can email people and tell them things and they feel better that is a good thing to be able to help others.

I think my gran's passing has brought out my gift and I just need to learn how to handle it. I am going to buy a grounding stone as I can see shadows even as I am typing. I am also going to go for a reading as that will help. I would like to know who is in my bedroom he/she understands me, as it clicks every time I ask it a question, I also see images on my mobile phone camera, different faces and things but I am not scared.

If you have any questions let me know. Thank you for reading my story.

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