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Psychic Abilities Been Gone A While Then Suddenly Returns?


So from my past posts you can see the pattern of things that happen. I kind of sense something's going to happen without realizing it - if that makes sense to you.

Okay so it's been gone a while, I mean about a month and nothing, not even a thought of it.

Then I got on the bus to work one morning and this guy gets on the bus a couple of stops into my journey; there's already another 3 on the bus. As soon as I look at him I (for some reason) think "Oh my god, imagine if one of these men had HIV and nobody would ever know" and I felt what could only be described as a little fear.

So, the bus gets moving and this guy pulls out a newspaper from his bag and what's on the front page? "HIV VICTIM GETS COMPENSATION"

I didn't know what to do, just staring at this guy thinking what the?

I felt a shiver and some kind of panic but in a sense I felt kind of, I don't know, psychic is the wrong word, but I knew after seeing the paper headline from that particular guy that I had sensed something off him. I mean to randomly think someone on the bus had HIV then to see it printed fully on a newspaper? I don't know I still can't seem to get my head around it.

Is there a reason certain people get precog and some don't?

Is this still precognition? Anyway of developing it? Although it's a bit of a burden at times (read previous posts) but in some ways I like to know I have this.

I mean is there anything else it could be? Since I was young I could just bring up people's names others were thinking of or know where something is without initially knowing anything about it.

Thanks for reading guys

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WildRoseFlow_r (15 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-13)
There is a thing called reality creation. Perhaps you created this to happen. And if your spirit is so good perhaps you blessed a man with HIV with compensation (money?) for what he has gone through.

This is the power of thoughts. Every thought has a purpose meaning and weight. According to our intentions and spiritual blessings we will project who we are onto these thoughts and this will create a recipe for manifestation.

Knowing who you are will help your spirit create what it is most deemed fit to create in your world and I think this would be more in line with God's will for you because as you know yourself you come to know your God and find truth & fulfillment which can give much more thrust to your manifestation skills. And the psychic experiences can have grits of salt in them.

This is the school of thought I come from. Perhaps I would not merely like to be a passive knower (psychic). But put myself into the equation (reality creator) and my own righteous flavor and honest taste. Fun!

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