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Some Sort Of Intuition Perhaps?


I'm really not sure where to begin, I know I have some capabilities but to what extent I can use them is where I get lost. I have weird energetic feelings for cold air, everything seems so calm around me yet I'm bursting with emotions. I've had an experience in the past (have had many but this is one example I don't mind sharing) where I've told my father not to go to work because I felt he needed to be at home, almost as if something told me he was in danger, he laughed and said we needed him to make money so he was going, he was pancaked between a semi truck and car on the way to work, he survived which I am grateful for but I have things like this happen a lot. I say something that doesn't really make sense or have any tact to it and yet 90% of the time something happens that day. I can't focus on having these feelings though, whenever I've tried it's always been proven false. (that 10%) So, how would I be able to go about letting these feelings come out more. I don't feel as if it's coincidence because when the feelings come my words are out of my mouth before I can even think about why I'm saying what I am. All through the day I feel slightly lost, I don't talk much and not because I am shy, I just feel the need to listen, constantly. I try to sleep at night and I'm greeted by extreme feelings of energy like I'm being bothered by spirits around me. My family has a history of talking and dealing with spirits so it wouldn't surprise me if people were trying to channel with me, but I wonder if I'm not letting it happen? Like I said I get lost in this, sometimes I feel a crazy. Especially when I suddenly feel extreme emotions and have no idea why, I know it sounds bi-polar but I know it's not. Also I have at times feelings like I can deeply connect to people around me who I know very little about, and feel as if I need to talk to them for some reason... If anyone could give me advice I'd appreciate it.

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strcrossed (5 posts)
9 years ago (2013-09-19)
know that you are tuned into the frequency... The one that makes this reality less static... Trust self but do not be consumed by fear, thought is sooo powerful and disillusion can create consequence. Embrace self fully, flow with the known unknowns and try to grasp that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, because life's lessons have lead you to this head space that you are now in... Nothing just happens... Rhyme and reason of experience is why you...i... And many others are lost in translation. On the edge of infinity we dangle trapped inside our own ego. CHECKMATE!?!?! If we were not what we consider us (you and i) and we were seeing through our us (s) could we try to tell ourselves that reality is not just SELF? That it really is US!?! Connected far beyond just this density? I know this sounds like a crazy rant, but I write in terms of evaluating my own eye... It is us... WE feel things... Energy is hardly seen, just felt and transmitted... OPEN your EYE... There are many others... We can not succumb to fear... WE are blessed... Focus breathe... KNOW and FLOW... We are not source, but part of... Power by numbers revolution of thought
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-29)
neverforgotten I can resonate with parts of your story.
Please take only what resonates with you and leave the rest.
I have experienced the cold which normally has
To do with spirits. They can also be sensed as
Wind and hot. Emotions can be felt when connecting with them.
So in my estimation you are experiencing a form
Of channelling.

Regarding how to be more open. Being able clear my mind.
Each of us must find methods that fit us as individuals.
Some methods are prayer or meditation and chanting.
Additionally using postive affirmations about our self
Can train our mind and emotions.

You can use protection for people you know are in danger.
This is what I have done for people in the past.

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