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Dreams Coming True Next Night


I always have vivid dreams when I do dream. Sometimes they do not all become reality the next day, but the ones that do are very broad and slightly open to interpretation but the specifics are undeniable. They have seemed to start out with being an easy subject like "hamburgers in Kentucky" to a dream about my next job I get the very next day.

I had my first dream that I remember that was about a year ago. I had a dream that my cousins and I went to Kentucky to this pretty field right at sunset with a white house in the distance and we ate hamburgers. This seemed like the most silliest thing ever to me at the time. Kentucky is not a routine destination for me. The next week I took a last minute trip to Indiana. At this point I did not think of the dream. On the way to Indiana we stopped off in Kentucky at about 1a.m. And got hamburgers from a hamburger place. As I was eating it, I remembered I had dreamed that I was eating hamburgers in Kentucky. Innocent enough right?

I will fast forward to the 2 most recent dreams I have had. August of this year I started back to school and it was a very important time in my life. I had a dream that I seen my ex best friend in a baby blue Mustang at an intersection right by home that I use every day. I remember thinking in my dream "well how did she get that?". Jump to the next day I wake up remembering my dream and wondering how weird it was. After work, I am on my way to school and I see the same friend I dreamed about at the store which is on the corner of the intersection I dreamed the night before. I thought this was a little out of the ordinary anyways. When I got to my school and pull in I see a bright blue Mustang sitting in the parking lot. The girl who drove the car ended up sitting beside me the entire term in our Life of Christ class.

My last dream that has came true was just last week. I had just came back from being out of town for a few weeks and was looking for a job. I was worried about finding one, but wanted to be optimistic but humble since the job market is so rough right now. Last Sunday night I dreamed that My Dad, some of my family and I were looking for a cafe in the south part of town I grew up in. It was strange for us to be looking for a cafe in that part of town but in the dream we were determined to find it. But we actually found a different one in our dream and chose to eat there. The next day I start looking for jobs. I replied to an ad in craigslist (probably waited 2 hours or so after this) and I received an e-mail from the Chef at a Cafe wanting to interview me that day. I went ahead and ran an errand and applied for a job while I was out and he sent an email and said I could come for an interview within the hour. The Cafe was in the same part of the town that I had the dream about and I had to look for it like in the dream.

I do not know why or how I am doing this. I really need some answers on how this is possible.

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Neos (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-15)
Sense I was 5, everything I dream comes true the next day. Usually the dreams aren't vivid, they're in code. But some dreams shouldn't come true. In a way its a gift. In others a curse.

If anyone out there is like me or the others, keep a note book of all dreams you have.

Best way to prevent something from happening is to keep track of your dreams.

Ravensara (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-14)
I'm hoping someone will answer you, because I have the same thing. I have "deja-vu" all the time. It's always about meaningless things, like walking into a certain store, but there are very sharp details like a person wearing an orange shirt, or a display set up just that way, or a green car parked in that exact spot in the parking lot. I'm absolutely certain, down to the very core of my being, that I dreamed the event, but I think I just don't truly remember the dream because it seemed completely meaningless at the time.
I'd like to know how to "train" and control this. I actually stumbled on this site because I'm trying to find some sort of school for people like us.
It's good to know there are others out there...

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