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How To Tell Spirits To Leave


I don't know if anybody here can help me. I'm a social worker in a school and I have this young boy (12) who for the past 5 years has been seeing spirits at night, always at the same time (4h00am). He can see his grandmother and a man with a young girl. His grandmother doesn't scare him but the 2 others do. He can't really see their faces but he knows it's a man and a girl. They will move things in his room, like is box of Kleenex will be next to the door when he wakes up. He will hear them whisper but he can't understand what they are saying. He can't sleep because of this and this causes him a great deal of anxiety. He wakes up screaming every night.

He can also feel people's energy when they walk next to him and he can feel a presence around those people. When he looks into reflections he will be able to see these presences.

I believe in this and I am trying to help him control his abilities so he will be able to live a normal life. I told him to ask those spirits to stop appearing at night and to come and visit him in his dreams instead. He will try this tonight since this is the first time we meet. I talked to him about our guides that protect us and maybe these are the presences he sees around people. I don't believe this boy is crazy. The mother admitted also having premonitions but she never told her son about this. The mother asked for help but any other social worker would have referred him to psychiatry.

I was wondering if anyone can help me help this little boy? Thank you so much for taking time to help.

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Boson (179 posts)
7 years ago (2016-11-26)
Hello AlanaMaeve,

I may be able to help you (and my service is free). Just click on my profile to contact me.

AlanaMaeve (1 posts)
7 years ago (2016-11-26)
I'm having a similar problem! My son is 2 years and and has been seeing the same spirit for over a month now. First it started with night terrors and now we've actually semi-moved back in with my mother because it's energy was so strong as my home. I believe it bonded to my house. We've only lived there for over 6 months. However now it's been months of this same spirit, and I believe it's following me! Latched Ronny energy... I'm a single mom of two, going to school full time, so I'm stressed and have had a damaged past two years, so I'm a very good candiaite I guess. Unfortunate for me tho, it's come with a lot of negativity and brings out the worst parent in me! I'm depressed, hopeless some days and can't ever feel comfortable. I've tried everything to rid it! Had someone even clear my home, but I can't adford that again. I believe I may have made some kind of agreement with it as it's manipulative. From what my son told me, having contact with it, I believed it was a man trying to contact his kids. But I believe it was to do harm to me or my kids, as it scares my son, lied to him about being an angel. And also I believe it was responsible for my daughter falling off the bed, into the corner, breaking a glass off the nightstand, but somehow missing that nightstand, and just falling onto the lamp?:/ she's fallen twice and it went with the moon cycles I believe. It was also on a king size bed... In the middle of the night. Always at 3 a.m. I've tried to have a medium come for out of town, which I feel horribly about because the first time I just couldn't afford her by the time she was able to come, I had car repairs and finally a month later, My long wait, I got sick. And this sickness is still bothering me the doctors don't know what's wrong with my gut and why I'm feeling pain. Anyways now the medium is understandably upset with me, but I'm left alone, with this spirit in my room night after night. I pray and pray butnif I made a contract how do I undo it?
FairiesFlight (48 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-22)
weezee12 ~ I am not even sure if you are coming back to the site to see this, I understand you posted this quite some time ago.

One of my abilities allows me to help people like this young (boy) man you have talked about. You are right he was a strong and terrifying to the boy. But he will no longer be a problem. I have surrounded the boy in light and love. I have sealed the portal that the man came through to get to the boy. I have sealed the tear in the boys aura that allowed the man to "feed" upon his fear. He no longer has access to the boy.

The young girl that was with him was not there of her own free will. She felt she had to do as he ordered and there wasn't a way around it. In helping the boy to be rid of the Evil older man. I was able to release the girl as well.

I hope you do come back and read or check on this post. I would like to find what you discover about this boy and how is life is about to change now that I have gotten rid of this man.

Best wishes to the both of you, and let light and love be with you always.
Tera (32 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-21)
To tell the spirits to go away you have to be very firm. YOU MAY NOT BE HERE. LEAVE NOW. Tell them they are not welcome and need to leave. If he still wants his grandmother, change it a bit-call the grandmother by name and be VERY specific about exactly who so they can't weasel their way back-ALL OTHERS MUST LEAVE. If done right, the man and girl (along with any others told to leave) will be forced to go, and not be allowed back. You can try asking why they're here, but if you tell them to go away but to come back during dreams, you've just knocked down any barriers you may have set up.
Most of the time-like you mentioned with the guides- they aren't there to scare or harm you/him, but rather to help you through something. Try sitting down with the mother and son in a quiet room, turn on some slow, calming music-no words- and ask the spirits why they're here. Again, most likely they're either just hanging out out some sort of guide. Assure the family that there's nothing to be afraid of. There's no danger in having them around.
stephyw2001 (3 stories) (108 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-17)
I have two suggestions:
1. If he doesn't have a nightlight, get him one. Its not a baby's thing, I'm 28 and still have them scattered over the house. Its not that I'm afraid of the dark, I love the dark. They're just convenient. My boyfriend's child was 7 when I met her, and she cried and was scared every night. She did not have a stable household at the time. I bought her a Disney Princess nightlight and it helped a little. Her dad and I have been together almost 2 years now. Now she has a stable household, and she usually unplugs the nightlight, forgetting to even put it in. She no longer cries. She thought she used to see things in the dark, but she hasn't complained about that in over a year now. If they don't have a good family life, children's imaginations can really make things worse than they are.
2. Does he have a pet? Does he have means to get a pet? A cat or a dog are great companions and can really help anxiety. I personally believe that cat fur is theraputic. 😁 Plus, if the animal is not scared, the child will have an easier time not being scared. If the animal freaks out over something, or will not go in the kid's room, then its likely you have something else on your hands.

My belief, is that this poor kid has something other than a ghost haunting him.
ThUnDeRbIrD123 (1 stories) (9 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-15)
I have the same thing I'm 14 and I experence these very same things. They can be sccary and I have experenced these things growing up and have become accustomed to them. As I tpye its 5 in the afternoon and there making noises it doesn't bother me as much as it use to... Sometimes these ghosts don't mean any harm... Sometimes they can sence this 12 year olds abilites theirfor they come to him... And some ghosts are lost that's why there here right? But there is a fine line between a ghost and a demon... But in your case it doesn't seem this is the problem... You can try a number of things to make them go away if there frightning you you can tell them in a firm voice to please go away this works sometimes... If its really bothering you, you can possivbable prayy or use what you have learned in your faith to make it go... But what he has is a gift and she should come accustomed to seeing things others dont... It tooke me awhile also but once I got the hang of it, everything was good.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-15)
In the story you have mentioned the teenager
Experienced anxiety when interacting around
People he senses their energy and a presence
Around these people. He is seeing those peoples guides.
(Seeing: guides/angeles/spirit helpers is not a normal thing
People speak of as teenagers).
This is not even touching:comprehending, the energy of humans,
Giving off stress, anger, fear,loss, illness.
So this is a whole bunch to swallow.

He is still wrestling if this is truly valid.

He's actually gifted in mirror gazing and a sensative,
Eventually he will move past that.

The thing with teens as AnneV spoke of some children's
Ability waning with time.
With this youngster from 7 until 12 years of age he
Is awakening to a fuller knowledge of spirit presences
Around people. In the mirror he see's people's spirit guides.
This is confusing to him. And he seems to be wrestling
With the understanding during night hours.

For a Teenager.
The ability heightens due to hormones, sort of a right
Of passage from childhood to adulthood, in
Some Indigenous societies, and in Jewish beliefs
Manhood is acknowledged at 13yrs of age.

My question has he suffered sleep paralysis,
Felt asleep but yet awake.

You had advised the young person to ask them to appear
In his sleep. I agree this is a good idea.
He may wish to ask "ONLY Grandmother," since he trusts her.

This is definitely not poltergeist activity, even
Though the youth is around the approximate age.

This is not a catagory of a residual imprint-which,
Is like watching a movie of people whom resided in
The home, only to replay the same scenario over and over.

A haunting possibly?
For a haunting one has to know the history of the
Home. Normally there are cold or hot spots, breezes
Of air, when no window is open, or mist,orbs, shadow people, tranparent people. Seeing discarnate deceased, speaks or replays their life or death, or fear as to why they have not passed on. Which none of this has been mentioned.

As for the voices, all people whom have crossed over
Speak telepathically mind to mind.
Some of what we connect to is not just our mind but
Emotions, feeling.

As AnneV said, all common knowledge can fly out the window, but if he even apply a part he will make his way into understanding eventually. This is all one can aim for with a young person.

Please be encouraged that just listening to him
Helps by lending support. He is being validated that his story has worth. He is also aware he is not crazy. For many years my eldest did not speak of her experiences. When we spoke she felt relieved to know her experiences were just as mine.

With young people they have to move at their own
Pace when they are ready.
Getting his mom to support or add her experiences
Helps to educate plus support him.

Bless you for your efforts of support.

Ps I apologise for the Cap's, but the system will not allow
Me to correct these area's
81cherrys (1 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-15)
I set up an account tonight just so I could share with you what I know can help this little boy... Even if he has no religious background every child wants to believe that they have someone that loves them unconditionally and will also protect them. I know from experience that if we even command in our mind in the name of Jesus Christ that they leave... They must... And they always do... They may return later that isn't in our control but the ability to believe that God has great power and we can call upon it to strengthen us against any evil is our birthright. I admire your concern and love for this boy he is lucky to have met you. Best wishes to both of you...
SarahD (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-14)
Sometimes, well especially with me, there is no way to switch off.

There might be for others and if there is I encourage they mention it as it might help me too, but I cannot make any of my shadow ghosts, or ghosts to leave!

A little girl runs in my room at times and I'm suspicious to know about the 4am thing, as I too have had a lot of experiences at 4 am and also woken up at similar times over and over in the night and day, 13 past something lasted a few years, recently its 4 am, before it was 11:11 and other times.

I am new to this site and have only just accepted that I can express my experiences with others and that I am not alone.

It can be dangerous to ask the 'unknown' to leave you alone, I recently encountered a shadow ghost, who has affected me tonight by scaring my 2 year old son, this shadow ghost would nip my feet and stroke my arms and face and make me uncomfortable. After 6 months I simply asked sternly but not aggressively if it could leave me alone, that it has every right to be here as we do and its welcome but please leave me alone. And it attacked me.

I had a huge pain on my arm after that scolded and burned and nipped and I have never asked anything to leave me alone or leave since.

I am new to this so I am no expert and not all spirits/entities/beings are the same so it could be perfectly safe to ask them to leave, as they appear to be more like a poltergeist I had in my childhood home but at the same time, if your not experiencing it yourself and your not aware of what's happening yourself I would be careful to advise a child to explore it more and / or ask to leave.

I am sorry I cannot be more helpful, I am waiting on answers for my own nipping and hitting ghost, but if I learn of anything I will come back and pass on anything new.

SarahD xxx
Sisyphus_Of_Comprehension (2 stories) (69 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-14)
I agree, I wouldn't advice that you try to expand his knowledge on this, but if he's been born with a gift the best thing you could tell him is to think of what happens each night in waking and then ask himself if he's dreaming. If he makes this a habit, according to that neat lucid dreaming anchor trick, he'll be able to catch himself in that state before anything occurs and control what happens from that point, calmly. It would be good if you could look into exercises that will help him build up a routine -- one where if he encounters that slippery state of mind, he will enter lucidity, instead of his fear escalating exponentially to the point of waking when he comes to terms with what's going on. The routine would idealistically work, but it would include a strategy to face his fear and some reinforcement in courage and willpower so that his heart won't falter if and when he sees these spirits. I would advise that you did it so he didn't take anything else from it than that, so the parents couldn't blame any resulting quirks on you (however, if he already feels auras, there may be no helping that and he might need additional support to nurture/protect these perceptions).

AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2011-11-14)
This may or may not apply to this young person but it's very common for these abilities to wane once a child enters their teens and almost disappear into their 20's. I don't know if this will be the case here but if he can't cope with it, it's likely things will diminish with the arrival of puberty. However, with this being said, this does nothing to help him now.

Why is he waking up screaming because of the young girl and man? What is it they are doing to invoke such fear? It's one thing to hear them whispering and observe moved objects, but it's another to incite such fear while he sleeps. It seems something more is going on. The issues are probably also site specific and since he can't move from his residence, this may be part of his life for awhile.

Without being in a parental role, it's difficult to outline in what way and how much to "help" a 12 year old. We can all give coping advice but it's always a different story in the middle of the night when the lights are off. And controlling things when you are asleep, with the subconscious mind in play, is even harder. Rational explanations and coping mechanisms pretty much go out the window, so-to-say.

I wonder why this started when he was seven and why repeatedly at that time of night? I wonder if something traumatic happened in that house or around his life at that time. Some type of energy footprint that needs to be worked out or something. We can throw out the suggestion of hypnosis to see if there is something in his own life that has triggered this but again, without being a parent, it's unlikely this will go anywhere.

Some things to put out there for you. Since you mentioned Guides, have him ask for assistance from his own (we all have them). Also, since he sees his grandmother, can he not ask her to also help? A protective family spirit seems like it would be effective. We can also remind children that we too are spirits but are still in our physical shell. They seem less scary when you realize we are all spirits but some of us have shed the physical form. It seems his "abilities" as you put it are fine, it's his coping with the two spirits in the house that are causing the description to his life.

The concept of love for a stranger is hard for a young person but if we can send love to the ones who are stuck on the lower planes, they are less likely to stay attached to what is holding them back. Fear only anchors because it's a negative emotion and the lower planes are full of that (and probably why they are stuck here) . But even adults struggle with that concept, let alone a twelve year old. Positive emotions cancel out negative ones and raise the energies around the person and their residence. Too much of one gets rid of the other but it takes a lot of work to counter that without someone actually being there with him to help.

I wish I had more to give you on this. If it was my child it would be a whole other ball of wax, but dealing with someone else's child is complicated.

Best to you.

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