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A Visit from my Father


All my life I can remember always dreaming and seeing dead people, it's a gift that I and my sisters have, but we have always tried to keep it to ourselves, and not talk much about it outside the family; what we see and the psychic dreams we have. We know that we got it from our father and his family, because our father was always open about telling us when he had a visit from a dead relative when we were growing up. My mother always hated for him to speak of it, she always said it was a bad omen to see the dead, and she would tell our dad that he would give us nightmares with his stories, but we knew what our father was talking about, because we saw them too.

My father has been deceased for over 20 years and he has come to visit me in my dreams when there is trouble in the family that I am used to, but one night he came to me in a weird way and this is where my story begins; One evening I was sitting on the sofa facing the television and my husband said that he would make dinner for me, and to just sit and relax for the rest of the night. I had my feet on the ottoman looking at the television, and I see to my right side of my feet a mist rising from the floor and I am thinking "WHAT IS THAT!" It kept on going up and getting larger, and I put my hand through it, and it was a cold mist and I whisked it away, like you would whisk a cloud of smoke and then it disappeared.

I said nothing to my husband because I knew it was the dead visiting, but whom? That night I went to bed early and my husband stayed up watching TV, and as I was in a deep sleep, my husband came running into the bed room and jumped into bed, and I felt that something was wrong so I asked, and he told me that when he turned the TV off in the living room and started to walk down the hall way, he ran right into a cloud of mist and it was so cold that it scared him, and I told him "it's the dead visiting, it happened to me when you were cooking, but I didn't want to scare you, whom ever it is, it's harmless so let's just go to sleep".

I went fast to sleep and started to dream about my father, and in my dream he told me that he was sorry that he scared my husband, but it was he that was visiting me, and that he wanted me to see him. I told him I was sorry that I did not know that it was him, and he told me "it's alright you can see me now", and that he was proud of my family, and how things were turning out for us, but then he had to leave and said he would come by some other time.

In the morning when my husband and I awoke, I told him whom that mist was, and that my dad apologize for scaring him, and my husband's reply was "NO SHIT!"

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lrkmedium101 (7 stories) (105 posts)
13 years ago (2008-07-21)
i have had dreams of a diseast relitive. But my auntie ann did after I help her locket one night. She came to me in a dream and said even though I never knew you, leah, I watch over you and I am proud of you. I wonder if she is my gardien angle... Is she?
Best of luck
❤ leah
kristy39 (3 stories) (34 posts)
14 years ago (2007-12-17)
thinks for telling this. I have had dreams or seen my sister dad he tells me to tell her there for her and her son chris. I told my sister this she ask me what I dad looked like. I said he has dark hair and a great smile. He had on a white t-shrit blue jeans she could not get over it. Her son chris is sick right now has been for awhile.

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