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Ever since I was little I have wanted to be psychic, and now I think I am. Ok so it all started one day on the bus home from school. When I was little I had three donkeys, and my favorite was blackie. And as I said before I was on the bus and I started to think about her, and I just knew she was dead. When I got home my dad told me she had died at the farm she was at.

My second experience happened at home I was texting my friend and I just started to see her face in my head and felt sad really sad. The next day I found out she had had a pregnancy scare.

The next time I saw her face again a week later and felt really happy yet angry at the same time. Turned out she had made up with her boyfriend and was cross because a girl had told everyone about the pregnancy scare.

And a few other things happened that I can't remember, but now for sum reason I keep feeling death. But I'm not seeing a face just blackness, and then I had dream about a funeral. I'm a bit freaked out and because I can sense something going to happen. Something bad.

The other thing is that I keep experiencing a lot of coincidences, like all say a joke to someone and it'll be on the tv straight after or all start think about something then the advert will come on.

Also I have been doing some of the tests on this website. Sometimes I get good scores but every time I get them wrong the right one is the one I was going to go for.

It is all freaking me out a bit but my mates think it cool so should I carry on warning them or keep quite?

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Becky666 (124 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-03)
I think you should keep warning them but be careful of new people you might warn. You never know what kind of stuff is out there. Hope for happiness

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