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They May Not Be Shadows You See


I am 39 years old soon to be 40. I have just tonight found this sight and it is now 3:30am. I guess I found it last night since it is now tomorrow. I am genuinely intrigued by some of the stories I have read and upset about many. I have written three already and about to write another. To all young teens writing about your experiences, I notice that many of you describe these happenings as "powers". Please talk to someone other than a cyber friend. I hope that each of you have someone you can go to that won't think you are crazy. These are not POWERS. If anything, they are gifts and moreso, they are natural gifts that our creator gave to us all and only those of us who seek to want or are capable of using can indeed use. Remember, our brains are very incredible. We can do so many things with it. Like so many say, we just don't know how to use this space provided. You are not magical, you are no more special than your neighbor. Do not put a false sense of worth on yourself or call yourself a sorcerer or witch just because you have these abilities. Please! I am an aunt of 21 nieces and nephews. I have been called for more advice than needed for my heart. Call yours. The days of Dungeons and Dragons are over.

Back to the story, I was not sure what these people were in my brother's room. My sisters often tormented me with ghost stories, but this was different. I was never afraid. On the few and exciting nights my mom and dad did let me get away from my oldest sis and sleep on the bottom bunk of my older brother's bunkbed, it was magic. Maybe that's why you think you are magic. In his room after we would all gather and say prayers and turn lights off, a small family of these "shadow people" would come. I always knew they were there, but never saw them unless I slept in that room. They were smallish, like me. They were a family of 4. Mom, dad, and two children, I think. They never spoke. Not a word. Instead there were hand gestures and a lot of smiling. I was not dreaming. Could have been imagination But NO!

They always were friendly it was as if I would speak to them telepathically, but I really don't remember a simple word or conversation ever taking place. As if they just wanted to make me happy. I have always had insomnia as long as I can remember. My brother would be out cold above me. We fought a lot but were pretty close too. One night, one that I was so happy that he said I could sleep in his room, things changed. This "shadow family" by the way they did not totally have a shape, They almost looked like a child's drawing of a person. No hair, just, well I'm trying, I can only see them in my memory. Anyway, I was in a normal mood, going to try to sleep and I felt a shaking of my shoulder. One of the smaller ones woke me showing me that he was going to take a pot of boiling soup up the ladder and pour it on my brother.

Since they were always KIND of fun and very interesting I just watched. Keep in mind I never really interacted with these "beings" I more and less just watched them. This was the first time that one even left the corner of the room. It climbed up the ladder and poured that hot water or soup on my brother's face. Of course there was nothing in reality, but at that moment my brother woke screaming rolled over and fell off the top bunk.

I pretended to be asleep, he went back to bed. I looked at these beings and they all had this grin, not a happy grin an almost Grinch who stole Christmas grin. I slept there that night, but did not ask to sleep in his room for well, I don't know if I did again. I do recall looking for them and trying to see them again, but that was it. I know that I told them that I was scared and I did not want them there anymore because they changed.

For most of my adult life I have wondered if they were my imagination and wondering if they changed because I did, but no, it was not a long period of time that I saw them. I believe I asked them to leave. The bookcase that they stayed by was sold in a garage sale and I was happy to see it gone!

Childhood fantasies or reality that can only be seen through a child's eyes?

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TheOne71 (5 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-06)
how sad that still some people don't believe: (its not until it happens to them and they get all shocked up and scared that they start believing...:/ and what a coincidence that becky is sporting that famous number 666:) its even in the bible also in the bible is taht more people disbelief in god than they do- its like you dosbelievers are waiting for God himself to come down to earth and show himself to you! What more belief do you need than to know the earth as in the world is no place called home... It is not home at all for our true home our true soul's purpose is to be with its heavenly creator ❤ where there is no peace no hatred just pure love...
cyopathic (5 stories) (513 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-03)
Well after reading Becky's comment I was a bit confused and than read the story. I have to agree with Becky on some parts. As for people considering these 'powers' or 'magic,' I do agree it dose seem a bit silly. But with more science/medical advancements it will seem more magical. (Like a microwave) As it is for some people, we're understanding the 'other side.'
(You can call an ability whatever you want, but it should some up to the same thing.) 😁

As for communicating with these creatures with a psychical purpose such as boiling soup and pouring it on someone. You might want to explain that one a bit better, it does sound a bit delusional.
Becky666 (124 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-03)
I think that some people are slightly delusional. Please don't take offense in this as I will explain my thoughts. People may have the same experience and describe it differently one may call it magic one may call it science another may call it gods work but at the end of the day when one assumes they make an 'ass' out of 'u' and 'me'.

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