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Heard But Not Seen


The year was 1902, kidding, It was about 16 years ago. I was closing up my place of business, as I always did. I finished later than usual. I think it was about midnight. I called my boyfriend, now my husband of almost 14 years, and asked if he would come to see me lock up and escort me home. Of course he came right out. It was a cold rainy night. My eyes have never been great in the rain so I was glad to have him following me. As I merged to get on to the highway, I quickly saw that I was going to have trouble since there was two semi's coming in the rear. One in the slow lane and one in the next. They were riding almost side by side. I had to make a choice whether to go for it or break. I went for it. I made it. My guy behind us all. Immediately the trucker on my left took to the next lane to the left, the fast lane and I ended up between them both. On this rainy night these men decided to XXXX with me. I tried to slow down to lose them. I tried to speed up to lose them. All the time my man layed back in his vehicle and could only watch. I did not ever wear my seatbelt back then, and still don't in my truck. Only in the car, but anyway, on the radio that moment between those trucks there was some sort of advertisement. It was a person speaking. I had it up pretty loud. But then it happened. While I drove between these trucks with the radio blaring, in the rain, with my boyfriend worrying behind me, I HEARD A VOICE! Not an ordinary voice. Not a voice I or trust me you have ever heard. Or of course unless you have. It was the deepest, most deep, deeper than I have ever heard a man speak and it said "PUT YOUR SEATBELT ON" That's all that's it. I did not hesitate. I reached and grabbed my seatbelt and clicked it! That was that. I talked to God for a moment and asked if that was him. I know it did not come over the radio. It surrounded me. So loud! So direct! There was no refusing it. I got home at about 1:00am did not tell my husband and called my mom, whom I did not often speak to at the time. Woke her up, she said I probably had a premonition and told me to go to bed. By the way, I did not have any kind of accident and made it home safe. After that at work I mentioned my voice to an elderly lady who came in and she told me that as a small child she lived in the city and had a crib next to the upper floor window. She distinctly remembers a voice as deep as I said saying simply NO GET BACK IN. She also said she did not hesitate and laid to sleep right away by that open window. I also mentioned it to my hairdresser. She reluctantly said, "when me and my son were sitting at the drive through at taco bell, which you can't get out of once you're there, she never smoked with her boy in the car and a voice said in the deepest as I described "LOCK YOUR DOORS" she did not hesitate. A moment later a man came to her window knocked on it. She cracked it and he asked for a cigarette. He tried the door of the car but she had locked it. She saw in her rear view mirror another man behind her car. She grabbed a cig and handed it out the cracked window. The man motioned to the other man and they were gone. I tell everyone this story of MY experience with this voice. I could care less if it is believed or not! I either heard the voice of God himself or a guardian angel. I am not ashamed! Not ever! This is one of my many experiences that I have no problem letting be known! My husband has asked me, "if you believe that you really heard this voice then why do you still do some of the 'bad things' you do?" It is as if he wonders why I am not a nun. I only tell him I am nor will ever be perfect and I don't know why I heard that voice. I don't think I am any more special than you. I ask him if he means it when he says that or if he is just jealous. By no means do I tell this all the time or in groups of people. But I will always tell it.

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Becky666 (124 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-03)
what amazing experiences please continue posting your experiences

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