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Feeling Completely Invaded


Deep Breath! Here we go. I have decided to post this for a couple reasons. The first being I am beside myself with the fear of whatever is surrounding me is going to get stronger. I have ignored most of the things happening because I am used to Paranormal activity in this apartment and around me my entire life. Last night my boyfriend took some photo's of me with his new HTC phone. It has an 8 megapixel Hd camera built in. Fancy shmancy? I guess.

We had company come over and I was fixing the couch cushions and doing a couple last second tidying, when I felt a tug on my neck. I then felt my cross necklace slide down the front of my dress, It was a recent gift from my younger sister.

It was a recent gift from my younger sister who is a recovering addict. My mood changed instantly to anxious and annoyed. I immediately knew something was wrong! Throughout the evening I kept having this very heavy feeling, weighed down. Needless to say I kept on with our evening with a half hearten effort. I tried to occupy my mind with some positive energy and interests. My boyfriend Kevin and his friend were chatting across the living room to each other when I heard my boyfriend say Oh my god! He was looking at his phone. He rushed over to his friend and showed his friend what was on the screen. He told me I didn't want to see it. I, as always, insisted. And like always I should have listened.

Instant shock hit me when I looked at the images taken of what was of the back of me. My long curly hair was let out and down. No pony tail no hair clips nothing, but yet at the middle of my head it looks like a face is peaking out. It is clear as day. Also in this ph me. Half my face is an evil demonic jagged face, not only that but a creature or demon resting its head across my hands like a dog would do, covering my entire hands. The second picture taken in the same spot oto if you turn it to the left the profile of my hair is another demon or creature. Almost every picture of only me that night is like this. There are 6 in total. I am not sure if this is attached to my energy or with this apartment. As soon as my boyfriend wakes I will be posting the pictures from his camera. I am hoping for advice or guidance on what to do in this situation. I cannot even trust my senses anymore which means to me my intuition may be being manipulated as well.

For now I am going to research on my own to see what I can come up with. Thank you for reading.

Peace, Love and Granola


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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-05)
IamwhoIamz Unless you have been excessive in alchol or drugs, or obsessive thinking or behavior. It is safe to say you only served to relect the state of your sister, and can include other
In families we share a group aura which can be read and reflects each family member.
(This is how healers and psychics can give information about other family members not present.
Only you can say if there has been co-dependency of
Any kind in the family which could also be refections.

I will just share what I understand about demons or neg spirits. As Sinfire777 stated we have power.
With this I totally agree, and the law of FREE Will.

People whom use Meth when pictures have been taken have had snakes which appear flourescent color by the head of the individual.

I had a neighbor and went to my window I had what one might call an epimany: and saw many spirits twisted faces/images holding him captive. At which point I was told to pray and not judge. Consequently months later info from spouse indicated he had a call of a medicine man just as his father.

Much addition breaks down the physical body and affects the emotional and spiritual aspect of our being.

May I just mention that most of us have either a dysfunctional sibling or come from a dysfunctional family. I could check your energy distantly no charge.

But would need some questions answered during or after
The checking. So as to give you some suggestions for self and family. You would have to email me by clicking onto user name.

As for the picture, use your own discretion.

Love and light
Becky666 (124 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-03)
i do not entirely agree with sinfire. Delete the photos if you will but I don't think these are to be ignored. I would reccomend a cleansing a blessing and a prayer. Though I am not religious I believe this will help right it off if you will however be safe and be happy
sinfire777 (20 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-03)
and to clarify, about your sister. When I said,"your sister had an addiction, this is clearly something that can bring about some dumb old vermin spirit around"

What I meant by that (because that was poorly and harshly stated)
Its not your sister that caused this, no, please don't interpret what I said that way.
But because of what has happened, that DOES give off a source of negative atmosphere, (aura energy fields and frequency) which does not help the situation.
Personally, I feel that (like anyone) you ave a lot of heavy emotions of all type regarding your sister.
I will just say, without wishing disrespect, because this is not my business. But. You should tackle this issue head on first. Which I know its stupid for me to say that, anyone would already be drained from doing that already.
But I feel that this is what would help stop your spiritual situation dramatically.
And please, delete those photos. It will do no good. Trust yourself. They are no good.
sinfire777 (20 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-03)
ok, I read what you said, I recommend this.
First don't publish the photos, get rid of em they are not worth your time. These vermin don't deserve a name either, by keeping the photos by acknowledging them with any name only in a small sense empowers em.
Such entities as these can do no harm to us unless we allow them. Now I know you didn't want this, that's no what I mean by "allow".
Ok. Second. When these type of being are around, remember don't call em that name just say vermin. They are attracted to negative atmospheres, greed, sadness, any pain, lust etc.
You should seriously look at what you feel is effecting your life right now. You said your sister hd an addiction, this is clearly something that can bring about some dumb old vermin spirit around. You see, to low beings all the negative junk is like food to them, they need it to survive. Its there nature.
Really, get support from someone to help you deal with what's bothering you in life right now. This will significantly reduce these dumb spirits.
Try no to fight, dwell on noises in the house, and start putting peaceful music on etc. Make your home harmonious, this is the opposite nature of these beings (vermin).
Lastly, I would like to say this.
Iv bumped into this stuff befor, lived with malevolent dumb spirits. And guess what, there all gone. Why?
Because at the time in my life my family was surrounded my negativity. As I began to heal, let go of grudges, bad emotions, and starting looking at self empowerment and focused on kindness, peace, happiness. All problems vanished within days.
I tell you this confidence and experience that your situation is as temporary as you allow it.
One more thing,
Please do not take offense, but I mentioned self empowerment, prayers and faith can bring about good, but to not realize your own ability to act as your own savior brings about bad. I encourage you to TRUST yourself, YOU are not being manipulated by these vermin roaches unless you allow it.
Youll be fine. But again. Ditch the photos. Don't empower those dumb things. Remember your own power, which is infinite, and know that REALLY these things that try and scare, are the ones that fear us.

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