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Trying To Communicate, Not Sure What The Next Step Is


I believe I have the gift (sometimes curse) of precognition.

I typically get feelings when something intense is going to happen - death, violence, natural disasters, pregnancy, etc. Two weeks ago, I predicted a shooting at Virginia Tech. The feelings usually consist of a general "bad" feeling, upset stomach, headaches, dizziness, and can sometimes be pretty debilitating depending on how intense the event is going to be. I'd very much like to focus on this ability and learn to harness it, rather be physically ill every time I have a precognition. So, if there is anyone with advice for that, please, I'm all ears.

My main concern - the reason I signed up to this site - is to ask about a spirit (or possible spirit guide?) who has, I believe, been trying to communicate with me for over a year and in two different houses.

The first time I came in contact with her, I was in bed with my husband and my dog. My eyes were closed, but I was still very much awake. She hit me in the face. Now I know what you're thinking but please trust me when I say that I have never felt threatened by her, nor do I think she means to harm me in any way. I genuinely believe that one or both of us is not strong or knowledgeable enough to communicate efficiently and that was her way to get my attention. I sat up immediately and looked at my husband, ready to scream at him. He was fast asleep and turned away from me. The dog was at the foot of the bed, staring intensely at a corner of the room, the hair on neck spiked out. I was a little freaked out, but laid back down to try to fall asleep again. As soon as I closed my eyes I heard, very clearly, "I know you can hear me". But that was all. I tried talking to her, but that was all that happened, that night.

Since then, I have seen apparitions (never anything solid, more like - forgive the pun - ghostly swooshes gliding past me from the corner of my eye, reflections in the tv or computer screen, etc.). She has spoken to me as clearly as the first time only once, and just one word: "Don't". She likes to knock or drag her fingernails across the wall or ceiling, and she's been known to knock things off of my kitchen counter. I have also heard her humming and heavily sighing.

Last night, after hearing her humming in my 5 month old daughter's baby monitor, I went to the foot of the stairs and said, "Please, no monitor business because it really creeps me out." I sat back down at the computer. A few moments later, I got a cold chill, and a Tupperware container fell from the kitchen counter. I felt like this was her saying, "Okay, I'm down here now, see?"

I don't know anything about her, besides the fact that she is a young woman with long hair. I feel like she's trying to communicate with me and I'm at the point where I think it's me who's not strong enough. I need some help. I'd very much like to communicate better.

Thank you for any tips or advice you can give!

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megamrsadams (7 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-21)
hello, my name is Angelina. I am 18 years old and have experienced spirits before. Sometimes I get too scared that I tell them to stop and they leave and then I regret telling them to go. If she is not threatening you or any members of your family then do not tell her to leave. Secondly I suggest just something I would call mustering your energy. Energy to me, personally, is a very strong force. What I do, is I sit down in a chair or whatever and I think of my energy as a very flowy multicolored ribbon. And I drag it from the ground into my body and picture twirling around inside you and then focus your mind, make sure your either alone or someone you trust and feel safe with. Think hard about this spirit, about what you want to say to her what you want to do with her. And close your eyes, try to feel where she is. Chances are she feels a connection to you or you to her. I know when I was visited by my second spirit she reminded me of my younger sister and she to me was looking for help but I was scared by her so I told her to leave and I haven't been visited by her. But I had a very strong connection to her. Try this, see if she comes to you and when she is there, keep your focus, don't be scared, shes obviously not there to hurt you. I wish you the best of luck. You will always be supported by your friends and family. Again good luck on your encounters:)

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