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Dreams Of My Cousin Who Passed Away


About 6 years ago my cousin passed away and we were close. I've had dreams with her in them just figured they were because I missed her. But one stuck out. Before she passed she and I had gone shopping because she was leaving for Italy and she was in this one store for an hour trying on this one shirt. I couldn't take it so I walked outside then we left. A couple months later she passes and she comes to me in a dream comes out of a pool looking gorgeous because she was wearing this sparkling green shirt and she hugs me and says I love you and my dream ended. I tell my aunt about it and she's like green sparkle shirt she was like I went to that store to go shopping, (it's a local shop) and the lady had told me how much she loved this shirt and gave it to me. But when I told my aunt that she was wearing it in the dream it was weird to me because I thought my cousin bought it and I had no idea what it looked like. That's only the beginning of this happening. The following year my other cousin passes away I had a dream two days before. In my dream we were at a family party saying that Darlas coming home. She gets there and looks sad, I'm following her saying "hey" what's wrong and she said I can't tell you I was like why please, did I do something? She's like no I can't tell you I have to go but I love you she said. Then I woke up thinking I did something wrong. Two days later my other cousin passes. I mean it's just weird to me, maybe I think too much about it. Or it's just a coincidence. Last week I had fallen asleep but wasn't in a deep sleep but kind of awake. In my dream were at a family party again and my other cousin that passed pops his head around the corner, I looked at him and of course he looked handsome and I was like" hey" he looked at me like he wanted to tell me something and then I woke up. I found out today that my aunt passed away so if anyone can please just tell me it's a coincidence or thinking too much about it please let me know or if it's happened to anyone else thanks.

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