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Is It Possible For Something To Steal Your Ability Away?


To start, I'm 17, female.

I feel like I might be physic but I'm not entirely sure. I wake up every night knowing exactly what time it was.

I can smell danger. I've asked some of my friends, 'what does danger smell like?' and they would reply, "does danger even have a smell" or "I don't know."

I've been able to smell it, not just sense it or feel it. It's got this sort of sweet like perfume scent. I don't know how to describe it, but I'm always right. I should have died at least five times in three days one time, but I'm still here. My friend always says I've got this guardian angel or something, since I've avoided death so many times.

I've also had (a few times not many) dreams. Not the dreams where everything's vivid and you KNOW what's going to happen, or those dreams you get and the next day it comes true. It's more like something in the dream, any random dream, like a symbol are specific part just gives me this feeling that a certain something is going to happen without actually seeing what would happen.

Like this one time I woke up with the feeling that something would happen in the car that morning. And on the way to school this car shoots out, without looking in front of us and almost hit our car. Luckily my dad was able to avoid it, so no damage was done. Whenever I get these feelings, I usually just, not ignore it, but shove them aside, because I'm unsure as to whether or not I would be right. And I always am.

Also I use these regular deck of playing cards. One time I used them to figure out what would happen with my friends friends relation ship. I found out that the next day her friend would get back together with her boyfriend. And the next day I told her the result of them getting back together and she looked at me, with a somewhat shocked expression and said they did that, that morning.

I've always been right. And I don't mean, oh he likes blue,correct!

I mean like something bad is going to happen. Like my cats I use to have. We were moving, and I warned my parents that they would disappear, that we would lose them. And my dad tells me that its fine, they weren't going anywhere. Not even ten minutes later and they're gone. And I've been right on more then one occasion, I'm never wrong. And Still no one actually listens to me.

(Now this part might just be mere coincidence)

There's not a whole lot of people I know so I can't say for certain, but so far I've been able to predict people's death, just by looking at them. Like my neighbors mother for example. She was sick, I've never seen her. Not once. And I looked at my sister and said that they should get ready because she was going to die. Not even three days later, she dies.

Even in video games that I've never seen before, maybe its just the layout of the game, maybe it was obvious. I don't know. But I was only joking, when our character rescued one guy and they leave him on a helicopter which would go to some destination I looked at my sister and said, "Then the helicopter's going to blow up and everyone's going to die" and right on cue it does in fact blow up.

Anyway one day I was returning home from school, and I got this weird feeling like something was being ripped from me. And ever since I've been feeling really empty. I can't smell danger anymore and that scares me. This past week I was so close to getting killed. Almost got hit by a car more than once, and it wasn't that I wasn't paying attention. They were all running red lights.

Smelling danger is probably the one thing I've used often enough that I was used to it. And now I don't feel anything.

I have this one necklace that I've never seen or even remember having, its got my name in it, on a piece of rice. And I think ever since my mom found it and gave it to me, I've been like this.

Is it possible for something to steal your ability away, if this is an ability at all?

If this is an ability, what is it exactly?

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juggernt (8 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-16)
You are clairvoyant, clairsentient, and possibly clair-cognizant. No one can take it from you.;) TRUST your heart and INTERPRET!;)

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