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Should I Explore This Ability Or Leave It Alone?


I'm currently 19 years old and my family has some sort of spiritual ability connected to them. My dad is the one with this ability who got it from his mum who got it from her parents etc. Dad is able to sense when spirits are near him, he gets really cold and every hair on his body stands up. He is unable to see them or hear them, but he can feel them, some of them play with electronic equipment, move things and lately they seem to smash glass.

Dad can also have dreams where some person (same person every time) comes to him and tells him that someone he knows is going to die, sometimes they show pictures other times they just show him the funeral. But every time it has come true.

I had a strong spirit connection when I was young, they use to come to me during the night and talk to me or I would just hear them. My parents told me that I use to tell them about a man who would visit me during the night and talk to me, after I told my parents what the man said they knew straight away I wasn't making stuff up, since what I was saying should never come from a kid. For some reason this ability left me around high school, every now and then I will get a feeling like someone is watching me and I tend to turn lights off both out in the street and around the house.

My dad said that he also had a break from this ability but then it came back. I'm scared of this ability and I want to know more about it so maybe I'm not so scared. But my dad said not to mess around with this because we don't fully understand it and not all spirits are good. Dad has had some bad experiences where some "evil" spirit has tried to enter his body and take over, but dad seems to have what we might call a "guardian angel" who stops them.

This is what I'm afraid of, I don't want to get myself caught into this sort of situation. My dad just tries to block out spirits that come to him, but I know he is a bit scared. I don't want to be scared if this ability comes back to me, I want to know how to control it.

I can't find anyone who can help me understand this, I want to know if it is safe to explore this ability or if I should try and block it out like my dad. But for some reason all my experiences happen at night.

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
6 years ago (2015-05-06)
I also had drinking glasses sitting on the sink for hours, with nobody touching them, smash into a million pieces just like that! It happened a few times. (And we're a practicing christian family! LOL!) This is maybe God's way of telling us to be better christians, and pray more...It's just jealous demons having us on! Why should you want to talk to these UNKNOWN spirits, or channel them, when God FORBIDS it... For our own safety! What's the use, to open up the floodgate, to let these spirits poor into your life, and invade your privacy 24/7?!?... There's a saying: "FOOLS RUSH IN, WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD!" Better safe than sorry. For some book titles, written by people with decades of experience with spirit guides, demons and the supernatural, visit my PROFILE. Good luck!+
PathR (4 stories) (1254 posts)
9 years ago (2012-01-11)
Much of this will depend on the individual.

Example: my husband at 57yrs of age has seen when
He was a toddler, he inherited this ability from
Him mum. Thy just have the gift of seight/hearing/feeling spirits.
He is a very strong willed individual and chooses to
Shut this out most of the time, and this works for him.

As for myself I only felt/sensed, heard spirits growing up, also my gut intution helps with defining them.
As I've acknowledged the spirits, I've seen them
Through the years, first it was my husband deceased
Brother, then it was my Grandmother after she died
Sitting in her chair, then it was a Sr citizen whom
Lived in our flats, but she appeared solid while she
Walked back and forth with her son whom was doing
Renovations. Through the years we've had night visits
Whom were family members come through to support.
As for channelling discarnate souls, it varies, because if I have to work distanly- I try to go into
Trance and then I can see how and why they died which
Give info I will need to help them cross.

But at my school London, a story a woman choose to turn it off and only open when administering healing.

Another woman always saw people since a little girl
And described people with funny clothes, seemed she
Just became just accepted them, and did not brother.

Hope this helps.
Shrimp92 (guest)
9 years ago (2012-01-11)
Thank you I will check out everything you have mentioned/said, I am very greatful to find someone who actually understands and doesn't think I'm full of crap. It is hard to find people who believe in this so I think I will do research and attempt to connect to my spirit guide.

I do have a question though is I were to open up to this ability will I then attract every spirit? Doesn't your ability interfere with your life?
PathR (4 stories) (1254 posts)
9 years ago (2012-01-10)
Shrimp92 I will just put some information out there
To help you with you decision.

You speak of hear/sensing spirits. Are referred to Clairaudience,Clairessence
Your father would hear/sense/feel them:Are referred to Clairaudio-hear, Clairessence-sense/feel.

I would encourage you to learn all you can:
Regarding-physical mediumship/trance channelling.
This will define symptoms we can incure.
There is a book by Tony Neate: Channelling (This will
Explain channelling.

Also learning spiritual shielding, grounding, meditation will help with managing your own energy.

If you read information on people called to this type of work they do have a guide, or guides to help with negative spirits or entities. So you would do well
To be accuainted with your guides.

With this understanding you can make a conscious choice either to open up, or keep to yourself.

If your asking what happened with your dad, it was
Spirits trying to use his physical voice to come through. Now other higher Masters have been known to
Come through people. I have a friend whom does that,
But she also does spirit release, which is a strange
Type of work. I've was introduced to it some years ago.
But actually started doing last year.
This an odd work, because the discarnate soul can be held in a normal human. For me I once held it in my stomach, but also felt it move to my leg.
I had been working a lot and need to do some grounding and meditation as well as alighn to my spirit helpers
Inorder to help the spirit move into the light and cross over.

If you have any more questions just put the question here if it is small. If it is a long one: Click my user name and send an email.

Good journey

AngelEyes86 (4 posts)
9 years ago (2012-01-10)
I would look in to it I have the same ability only I hear feel and see them! Its call a Third Eye! You are born with it fully open but there are thoes who want it to be closed weather it what you want or not! The way I see it is If your're born with an ability like that don't lose it or block it out use it! Spirts and ghosts come to you for that reason yes some are evil but others might need your help because you are the only person that can eather see hear or feel them or hell it can be all three!

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