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My Spontaneous Electrical Charge


The following happened in 2005 and all within the time frame of about three months.

Incident 1: A beam, measuring 7" circumference, of electricity/energy spontaneously shot from above me into my abdomen/solar plexus. The top rim seemed to be centered just under my ribs and measured 7" down and around. The electrical charge beam was even all the way around. It wasn't less concentrated further out from center and it wasn't more concentrated in any other area. It was a consistent power. It was a quick and intense blow. If someone would have punched me that hard I would have fallen down with the wind knocked out of me. It was a similar feeling to that but without the wind being knocked out of me (but close) and without pain or electrical sensation lingering afterward. It disappeared as quickly as it zapped in. It wasn't just an impact like a punch or hit might feel like. It had the feel of dense electricity, concentrated within the circumference and without any "fuzziness" to it. That's the best way I can describe it. It was smooth electricity not "grainy" or tingly if that makes sense at all.

It was around two or three in the morning. I was sleeping on my back. I am not aware that I was dreaming anything. The charge came from above me and shot right down into me. It wasn't a sense of being zapped it was an actual and literal physical occurrence. It jolted me awake. It almost hurt but more than anything the strike shocked me. My knees and chest flexed slightly upward in reflex. I lay in bed shocked, I little frightened and freaked out wondering what had happened. I didn't know what else to do so I prayed and just lay there silent. I had no other sense or sensation of anything. For the rest of that night and about a week after, my abdomen felt like it was on fire, to the touch. It didn't hurt it was just hotter than the rest of my body; to the point that my husband commented how hot it was (we were spooning at the time he mentioned it).

Incident 2: I awoke from sleep again around two or three in the morning. I was on my back. My right hand was raised up and stretch to the ceiling. I felt electricity coming down, making connection with each of my finger tips and spreading down into my hand. It was strongest at my finger tips and feathered out into my hand. I couldn't feel it past my wrist as far as I'm aware. This electricity/energy was tingly and grainy, less dense. It wasn't tingly like when your hands and feet fall asleep. It wasn't pins and needles. It was a soft constant flow of electricity into me. It continued on that was for a few minutes. I didn't know what to do and I was afraid to look at my hand but I finally did and I didn't observe anything with my eyes. I eventually withdrew my hand back down beside my body but the electricity kept coming until I withdrew. I have no awareness of any kind of dream.

Incident 3: This time I was taking an afternoon nap while my twins were napping. I was on my back (usually I sleep on my side). I was dreaming that I was in a small room. It was bigger than a closet but smaller than a doctor's treatment room. I was on my back (in my dream) on a treatment table. I told someone to go get the pastor of our church because I needed help. He came into the dark room very perky, grinning, chipper and happy, almost doing a little jig. He said this is going to be so exciting. At that point in my dream, he reached out to touch my head but before I could see him touch my head in the dream, I awoke with an electrical/energy shot into the top of the crown of my head. It was about 3"to 3.25" in diameter. The outer rim started at about the midpoint and center of the top of my skull measuring around. It was again an actual, literal, physical charge that shot through the crown of my head. It almost hurt and this time I could feel the residual shock for about three to five minutes. This shot was a combination of fuzzy and smooth. Smooth coming in but then surged out in all directions but contained to the 3-3.25 circumference. The disbursement was even and seemed to go about 2-3"down into that portion of my brain. If anything, the measurement down into my brain is closer to the 2" mark than the 3".

Incident 4: A few months after incident 3. I was visiting family. My niece found a moth that appeared to have drowned in the kitchen sink water. It was the biggest moth I have ever seen to date. The wing span was nearly the size of my hand with my fingers fanned open. Anyway, she was sad for it and it occurred to me to pray for it. I picked it up, took it outside and placed it on top of the top of the deck rail, wing side on rail, body up. I placed my index finger on the moth and I felt gentle electricity come out of my finger, onto the moth. It made connection as far as I could feel. Of course I can't feel and I didn't get a sense of what the moth experienced. The moth appeared to move slightly but it wasn't obvious. We left the moth there and when we came back to check on him, he was gone. I can't say what happened to him but we did search to see if he had fallen and we could find him.

Have you ever heard of anything like this? Can you or anyone you know help me figure out and help me

Understand what happened to me? I have always been intuitive but more specific psychic type things

Have happened since the spontaneous electrical charges I experienced.

In 2002 I went through invitro treatments to have our twins. My tubes were tied so we opted for invitro

With my eggs and my husband's sperm. When I was in the treatment room and the two microscopic

Embryos were transferred into my uterus, I felt a soft little pzzt of electricity inside my

body. At that moment I knew both of those embryos would be born to me and my husband. It wasn't

Imagined or a sense of it happening. There were two separate, literal and physical, electrical currents

That zipped inside me.

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2bruces (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-01-20)
PathR- I will check out those books. I can't seem to get enough of reading on these topics lately. I'm into the 7th year since these things happened, looking outside the "christian" arena because I really didn't find many answers and folks seemed to look at me as if I was crazy if I shared the story. I've determined to search it out until my spirit is satisfied. I definitely want to open up even more and become consciously and consistently aware of, become one with the energy that came upon me.
Thank you for your help!
PathR (4 stories) (1268 posts)
10 years ago (2012-01-20)
The times 2am-3pm is referred to as the witches hours.
Not for the reason that witches use it, but the
Times seems to open a thin veil between our own
Physical ability to align with the spirit and even
Heaven.What AnneV stated about the Chakras is true!
Your own energy open during those hours.

Some of what you described is referred to in
Books like Aimee Semple McPherson, and even
John G Lake were christian ministers.
Jn G Lake was known to lay hands on people
And bolts of lighning would fall under the power.

Some people say the phenomena was due to Taring.
Aimee has a book called This is That.
Native Americans would call it sweat lodge were
Prayers and meditation went on and on.

The two mentioned points:
Heal for you and also own availablity to open you up even more. From what you are saying, I would say you should ask about your position in healing.

In my younger days, I had healing drop as you described for my own body. At another time I actually experienced electrical energy move back and forth to a minister, and then to me. It was a strange!

As a healer I have experienced the electical energy when using a technique called Polarity which does a balancing with positive and neg. The energy varies.

Good Journey

2bruces (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-01-19)
AnneV - Thanks for your input. My health was excellent as far as I know. I was learning a lot about the Holy Spirit as Western Christianity defines it and the power available to us (as taught) "through Christ". I was learning about the "prophetic". My ways of defining it or labeling it are changing and opening up and searching for answers within the Christian structure/establishment has been very limiting so I am exploring things outside the box.
AnneV (4 stories) (1063 posts) mod
10 years ago (2012-01-19)
This may be involuntary kundalini activation. Unbeknownst to many people, we have major chakras outside of our seven ones and they extend outside the body. Most people have to work years to activate the 'kundalini fire' but it sounds like this may be doing it all on its own. As to why, it's like any anomaly, sometimes these things happen to various people. Sometimes this can be brought on by big changes, stress, health issues or work you've already done in a past life.

I noticed in both of your experiences you were in the hypnogogic state (coming out of sleep). When we sleep, our chakras naturally open and close to replenish our energy. Yours may not be closing properly and allowing the flow to be more pronounced.

How was your health in 2005?

Thanks for sharing.

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