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I work at UPS, I have a coworker that seats across from me and we get along great, she just does not like it when I eat ice, I have an ice issue, I love to crunch on ice. She was letting me know that she doesn't like when I crunch on ice and how annoying it was. So that sunday weekend for some reason I was picturing her and hearing her talk to her daughter about how I like to eat ice all the time and how annoying it was that I do that, and I pictured her in the stairs staring down at her daughter, but was not able to see how her daughter looked like.

So that Monday I told her "Lisa, hey I had this day like dream or something and I pictured you talking to your daughter about me and how annoying I was for eating ice and that you were at the stairs staring down at her" Lisa then turns around quickly with her mouth opened like she was confused as to how I knew she had this conversation and exactly how I had mentioned it to her and it happen that sunday as well.

I was shocked it had not been the first time. I have had dreams were the world was going to end with fire balls flying from the sky and fire and so many other things happening for a week straight and a week later the war in Iraq started.

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hollinor (3 stories) (127 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-31)
I have had that same dream about fire balls raining down from the sky...twice! In it, my daughter and I were walking together hand in hand. All of a sudden the sky turns purple and black and these huge... They kind of look like giant molten rocks on fire... Began to shoot down. What I remember the most was feeling the abject horror of the people around me. I could almost taste their fear. Then I began to hear blood-curdling screams and I saw people running in different directions. The funny thing out it was that my daughter and I were in no way affect. We just stood there watching the mayhem, but somehow we knew we were safe.
Katie (guest)
15 years ago (2007-09-19)
A bit strange. Ice goes through me and it annoys that girl you know. I get dreams which come true and that. My gift started off like yours now it got better but some people don't and they loose the gift they had. I can see ghosts now, see through walls, dreams come true and that. You can read my stories If you want there called
Dreams Which Come True in a Bad Way,
The floating clouds and most houses can get that strange feeling.

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