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Blue Electrical Light Charge


I'm Steve and I am deaf, I'm 39 of age live in Scotland. Recently I was hoovering the carpet and I noticed a blue zapped to my palm of right hand and I didn't feel any shock by this so I'm wondering am I a psychic or a healer whatever you think. Because I do get astral travelling a couple of times in a year. I had a private reading few months from the heaven stating that I do have a healing powers as I wasn't aware of it and they beg me to give them to energize my body channel to receive an healing powers but am I chosen and why? What will I be doing next? When I went to bed whilst asleep so suddenly I was out of my body astral and my partner was in living room watching tv she saw me through the wall from my bedroom and I lie on the couch so a few seconds later she also saw another spirit came towards to my face what is this happening to me at that time? Thanks and reply back to me as it important at least of my worries with two stories on my behalf. I would love to hear from you guys anything happened like mine? My cat has passed away from euthanasia with cancer so a medium told me that she will come to me one day in my dream what is that mean because she is not here anymore? Oh when she was passed away say in few days later I heard her meowing loud in my ear but I'm totally deaf as I knew it come from my beloved cat tiswas but how did she make me hear her like that? My partner also deaf she did heard her voice meowing in her ear and my son too we was shocked in for surprise but how my cat are alive after passed over.

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calvinvalerian (guest)
11 years ago (2013-01-01)
Hi Steve. The blue zap smoke-like is a jinn. I found it very interesting you still could hear jinn's voice even though the ears are deaf. This gives me important information that when jinn uses their magic it can be heard by anyone though one might be deaf.

The difference of sound from human realm and from the jinn realm is... Sound from human realm has a sloping down rate density from where it started and traceable source. But when a jinn uses magic to create sound in human realm, the source could not be traced yet crystal clear and loud.

Would you please do me a favor:) I would like you to do an experiment with me. Before I continue, here are the abilities I found on your article: Astral Projection, jinn viewing jinn hearing.

When you're going to sleep, would you please do this for me, say this holy words "La ilaha illa Allah" for 20x. Its meaning is "There is no deity but Allah". It's okay if you don't know how to pronounce it. After that, try to do astral projection and jinn viewing again. See if you still able to do it or not. You can contact me at calvinvalerian [at] about the result. I would be pleased to hear your updates.

As far as I know, astral projection is a permanent ability if the human is capable of. Even God never put restriction for that.

Those holy words will make your whole body shine by white God's light especially at your face where it shines the most as fire-hot dazzling sunlight in midday. Not every of us can see it though one can see jinn but they might unable to see God's light. Angel realm is much hidden than jinn realm. Hidden doesn't mean locked up or something. Actually human realm, angel realm and jinn realm are three open realm. But the creatures like human and jinn just have eye-filter that blocked the angel realm from when they born.
Cattydee (12 stories) (161 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-30)
Well the blue light is chi. Everything has chi and I'm guessing you took the chi from the rug. If you learn to control the chi you can become a great healer. Kbye.
XNicholex3 (guest)
11 years ago (2012-12-29)
I can't exactly say what that blue thing is. But I do assume that you and your partner could hear you cat meowing because you heard your cat meowing clairaudiently. Not with your actual ears, but spiritually. 😊

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