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There Are Ghosts In All Our Pictures


Before December hit many people including myself had a feeling of somethin coming and that something was very big and would affect everyone. Many were talking about the veil breakin or thinning and the end of the world and all that. But me I wasn't having dreams about father ending of the world. I was having dreams about a war. A war of humans against spirits. We could interact with them just as we interact with each other. If you red some of my other stories you'll see this was happening in the summer too.

What does this have to do with the story? Well here it comes. Recently some things have been happening. Things that haven't before or some going extreme. Most of them have something to do with my house and my friends' house. Anytime we take a picture now there will be a spirit of some kind in the picture. It started with a boy ghost standing behind my friend. In my picture it seems as if a demon is standing in the distance behind me. Even in some photos when we aren't in any there were still spirits. I have a feeling my dreams were telling me about this but to anyone who's not completely insane.:P is there any logical reason they're in our pictures? They never used to be. But they are now.

Also about the other expriences!

My friend wakes up on the middle of the night to sometimes see shadow people, other times she will just feel a presence around her. We both sense three spirits in her house. Probably not evil but they have been known to possess a doll and a human girl.

My experiences are the weird ones however. Whenever I look into a mirror my image changes to that of another girl with thk black hair that reaches just below her ears. Yesterday I was entranced on the mirror and my spirit or so it seemed was seperating from my body. Then at night mostly there is a feeling of great fear. It seems generally focused on reflections and the dark but it's not that of my own an even my friend has felt it. Along with that my dreams are acting up a lot. I either get a week filled with visions or tellings or I get a week without dreams at all. It's not the occasional dream every other day any more. So any insight on any of this stuff is welcomed. Kbye.

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calvinvalerian (guest)
11 years ago (2013-01-15)
[at] Cattydee It's okay if you get pissed off I'm sorry English is my secondary language. Please pardon me if I unintentionally offended you so much.

We just never met thus you don't know my spiritual background. You might think I'm the guy who pretends to know everything and talking about [God]. Actually I don't entirely know everything about the subtle realms - I only knew some. Look, I used to be an atheist too just like you are until the day my little sister which able to see clearer view to jinn & angel realm told me that my aura turns to a bright white light and bright golden light when holy words spoken out by my tongue with a medium sized pair of white angel wings. Then I got myself religious again.

She was the one who witnessed it. I'm also able to see a little portion of angel realm but not as clear as she does.

Angel, Jinn are not fairytale. They are there but only some humans can see them.

Spirit/human soul is also real. But the ability for a human to see them is limited and NEARING impossible. Jinn is not a deceased human soul. I got this info from the jinn themselves when he possessed a human body. He told me that it is one way for them to tease a human so humans will fear them and will respect them.

I just don't feel like to comment right now. Your first comment broke my heart. Just do it your own way - the hard way - if you can. Because you did't feel like to be helped by someone whose good in this area who has spent FULL 12+ MONTHS seeking for the truth from my sister and the jinn in this research.

When someone who has the answer and declares some of the fact of reality, it's more of a backfire rather than welcome change.

I'll just keep these materials to myself until it's finish.

A face to face seminar is far way better than online typing in this community which only get me insulted with pretending to know everything.

I'm done with this website.

Find the answers on your own - if you can.
Anaelyssa (1 stories) (135 posts)
12 years ago (2013-01-12)
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

See, I'm just starting to practice magick. Http:// There are many different views of the world. For example the view that it's all in your head. In magick, it's not, for example, the stick of wood that's magickal, it's the fact that the Wand represents your will. You cut that wand yourself, you infused it with the thought that it represents your will. Therefore, in your mentality it is an adequate symbol of your Will. And with movement of the Wand, the Will moves too. And it's the Will that actually does something, not the stick of wood.

Now this theory sounds reasonable to me, but I have not yet tested it out. I don't have a wand. I can't astral travel on command. I've never done an evocation or invocation. I do have faith that if I have faith in my tools, they have a chance of working. My hypothesis is that if I don't believe that something will work, then it won't. So it's better to at least give it a head start on working by believing in it. But even if I don't believe, it might work anyways. Maybe because of a subconscious belief or because the symbol is universally embedded in the collective unconscious/astral plane.

The cross is a sacred phallic symbol (wiki Rosy Cross). Even if I wanted to wear the penis, I would not feel comfortable wearing a symbol with a dead guy on it. In fact, I dislike wearing symbols in general.

Science is a method. I did not mean to imply the materialistic mainstream "religion" of science. The method of science can be applied to religion. As Crowley said "We place no reliance on virgin or pidgeon. Our method is science, our aim is religion."

I never meant to say that you're crazy. Just that it's not reasonable not to believe in something just because you've never seen it. Thank God I have never read the Bible or been born into a religious family. I can't imagine how much that would have polluted my thoughts. (It's funny to see those atheists on the net who say that the Bible is ridiculous crap, therefore there is no God. As if the Bible is the one authoritative source on God. I know that's not what you're saying.) I agree that one shouldn't randomly believe everything some book says about God. Especially a book that has been re-translated and cut up through the ages.

Just because you don't agree with any specific religion doesn't mean you're atheist. "Atheist" means that you believe that there is no God. Period. And not just no "I'm sitting in the clouds watching everything you do and shooting lightning at people I dislike" kind of God, but also no "absolute, unknowable, nothing, everything" kind of God. That's why I'm saying that until you reach the point that you can definitely say that there is or isn't a God, until you reach the throne of God and punch him in the face or find that the throne is empty, it is not logical to say that there is no God, nor is it logical to say that there is definitely a God.

Eeh, I'm not sure people can see atoms with the naked eye. But then I'm not an eye-specialist or a physicist. But I mean, I can't even see the microbes on my hand with my eyes. Atoms are so much smaller. On the other hand, there *are* people who can see ultraviolet light (or so say fairly reliable sources, I can't see it, so what do I know).

Btw, magick is great. You can be an atheist or anything, you just have to do it and observe the results. My current holy book is this

Love is the law, love under will.
Cattydee (12 stories) (161 posts)
12 years ago (2013-01-12)
Okay hold up.
I might actually have made no sense at all in this now that I think about it. Sorry.

I actually grew up with a family of all Christians. I know what the bible says. I know the points of view of everything. I just don't believe in any of it. So to be saying I'm ignorant to this subject is wrong of you. Also I've looked into a lot of different religions but there haven't been many that I agree even 80% with and so I stick with the term atheist. Which means I don't believe in god, Science, or any religion that I've found yet for me to be in a religion. I follow science the most but there's a lot of things about science that I think are wrong or I don't agree with. Therefore I'm atheist.

Next. Many people can see atoms but if you don't know what you're looking at or looking for then you won't actually know if you're seeing them or not. You can say I'm crazy all you like, many people have, but many people have also experiences the same things I experience. So how will you call let's say 1,000 people crazy if they all see the same things? But then again there are 1 million against 1 thousand and so we all will be called crazy because others are ignorant and don't understand.

Alright about the material things. The materials won't help and if you believe they do well that's an easy way to be ignorant, if you wear a cross to a fight against a demon it won't help you win. If anything It could even get in the way. Crosses won't stop anything from interacting with you or hurting you so what will it do? Nothing. It could give you hope or a feeling the god is with you but it doesn't have any real purpose. Also if you believe in the bible there's many accounts in where Jesus or other people say that material things won't be brought to heaven blah blah blah and it's basically telling you not to be materialistic and if you depend on the cross all the time you have become materialistic because that's the thing you depend on the most, not god but the cross. So when you say it affects people differently it does affect them but it has so effect in the paranormal realm. Therefore materials don't help you.

And I'm not pissed off at you because you aren't telling me how I see things or how I experiences things in my life though you've never lived my life. Just as Calvin did -.- you also didn't act like you knew everything about all things, you just have me your argument and ill respect that. I will respect Calvin's too but I won't like having to do so.
Anaelyssa (1 stories) (135 posts)
12 years ago (2013-01-11)
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Cattydee, from my pseudo-scientific point of view, atheism an assumption you've made without any proof. Until you go to the ends of the universe and the depths of your psyche, you can't know for sure whether there is or isn't a god. (It's a trick question; the ultimate reality is both existent and non-existent.) The point is, become Buddha or Christ and then declare that there is no such thing as God. Until then, agnosticism is a more reasonable point of view. But wait, agnosticism means that we can't know God directly; and you don't know until you try.

How do you know we're made of atoms and not rainbow unicorns? Well, you could go to a physics lab and prove it to yourself. But though you can't be sure sure until you do, there's plenty of things that work because of the atomic theory, like nuclear power plants. Also, you don't just look around and say "I don't see any atoms, therefore they don't exist." You need to use the appropriate methods and instruments, like an electron microscope.

This is why most cultures have had traditions of magick and mysticism. Http:// is a good thing to read.

Btw, I've never seen any "things" in normal life, so I could say "oh I don't believe such things exist." This would mean that you were just a crazy person seeing illusions. And all those people who believe in God and think they've talked to him or her? Well, they're just deluded. Ahem, in any case, it boils down to the question of the nature of existence and the nature of "I". If you care to argue that you know what "I" is, then please become fully enlightened or join the ranks of neuroscientists.

I am only just a beginning student of the mysteries, but there is enough proof for me from what I've read that we are capable of understanding the nature of God and existence.

I like what calvin said "You don't believe it? Just experiment with it." People are different so it might even work for you. I think for example that a cross would have different effects for a person who as deep faith in it versus a person who thinks it's a scrap piece of metal and has never heard of Christianity. Everything is just atoms until you attach meaning to it. What is the difference between this scrap of atoms that you call your body and that scrap of atoms that you call keyboard? It's all just atoms, but a kick in the butt still hurts regardless of philosophizing.

While I don't fully agree with calvin's theory of the world, I respect him for finding a system that works for him and for experimenting. In fact, my point of disagreement is that he keeps on babbling about jinn. This is simply a limitation of my own experience and character. Were I able to see as catty or calvin does, I would likely agree with what calvin says even if I wouldn't call the entities "jinn."
"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

Btw, since you *know* you can't be protected by any physical things, don't bother cleansing your house with candles, or else say that you're not sure whether they'll protect you so you'll try. Of course, psychic cleaning might still work for you.

Feel free to be pissed off at me, but please take down at least part of my argument first.

Love is the law, love under will.
Cattydee (12 stories) (161 posts)
12 years ago (2013-01-11)
[at] Calvinvalerian
First of all I am athiest. And ever since I was born I could see these things. When I was 6ish the ability stopped. Then it started again when I was 14. Also my childhood is blocked out and I only remember fragments of it. Therefore I've had this ability all my life. I take much offense when you say I "lost god" and when you imply I'm stupid when you listed the things that don't protect people. I obviously know I can't be protected by material things.

Also as for onlyseeing things from the corner of my eye, it's not true. In fact I see more things straight on as if they were physical humans than in the corner of my eyes as if it were just my eyes messing with me. You obviously haven't seen things in my point of view so don't act like you know everything. People like you piss me off.

[at] Patrixie
Thanks for your input. Ill try cleansing my house but I'm not sure that will help any. I usually notice spirits outside more than in my house, though they still in my house.
PatrixieKuchiki (guest)
12 years ago (2013-01-10)
I do agree there really is something more of a spiritual shift that has happened last year after December 21. Call it merely some coincidence, but to be honest after that day my third eye improved in more ways and I am now able to see at times actual figures and clearer indications that a spirit is near. That date really held something I a not expert enough to explain.*nods,nods*😁
Now,about the problem:developing more of your spiritual side really attracts more spirits than usual. That is often the cons of being a psychic on the way to development. And you can't help it if the spirits decide they'd choose you as some tool to mess around with and stuff... But you can always deal with them.
The stray spirits you are picking up... Might I suggest house cleansing? Lighting candles especially made for such doings as well as calling on entities of protection such as AA Michael would help a lot.
Also,for more advice on the situation, get some insight from your Spirit Guides. Not only would you be comforted just talking to them, but you'll also have ideas in mind on how to deal with your current situation.
calvinvalerian (guest)
12 years ago (2013-01-09)
The #1 rule of being a human is... You shall not see jinn (invisible life form, alive, shapeshifter, have shadow) unless you are the chosen human.

Ordinary human should not see any kind of jinn's manifestation. If you're an ordinary human and able to see them the reason is because you've forgotten the so called God. Therefore the jinn can use their magic to become visible in human world.

If you were born to be able to see almost 50% of this realm, then you can see jinn anytime you'd like to see them and you'll be able to see religious people including the jinn have angelic qualities around their body and you'll be able to see millions of angels around the clouds.

If you are the chosen one then I'll be very glad to give you solution. Again, it's a solution and not a help.

Burn any - energy jinn nearby:
Say the word "Allah" or "hallelujah" or "la ilaha illa Allah" as often as you possibly can.

Note: This will make your face shone by a dazzling bright white light that you can't see and your body aura turns to bright white light or bright golden light that you can't see. The color will change depend on the holy words. Hallelujah is bright golden light, Allah and la ilaha illa Allah is bright white light.

If you were able to see the 2 God's light aura color. You're the chosen one and you will be able to see until certain level of angel realm.

If you want to classify the amount of realm in this universe, there are only 3. 1 is physical plane which where we live right now, and the other 2 are subtle realms which ordinary humans have no access to it.

What's a little bit of counter intuitive is that by classifying the realm we come up with 3 different realms. While in fact there is only one world with 3 races in it (human, jinn and angel) but the other 2 races are made up from 2 different body substances which light will not be able to reflect on.

You've seen shadowy figures either from your peripheral vision or from right in between your eyes. That shows the characteristics of jinn's realm. Their shadow stays exactly at where they stand. Unlike us, it appears behind the object.

Some people already got scared by just seeing their shadows. What if they do really see the jinn's real form. They might get fainted. Jinn is a shapeshifter life form same like angel - they are able to change their form to anything, you name it.

For now I only taught you about getting protected from negative jinn (the positive ones/religious are your friends! But you just can't communicate with them). Talisman, Jesus cross, mirror, tags, crystals, mantra, you name it. Are useless protection against jinn. You don't believe it? Just experiment with it. First try to use objects to drove them away. Result is not as expected? Say any holy words listed above for more than 10x, if you are able to hear jinn's voice, you'll hear someone loudly shouting of pain from somewhere with no one is there.

I've done most of the experiments. It's up to you to believe or not because I'm not so sure that you were born with God's eye. The eyes are a loan anyway, you will return it after you died.

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