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Astral And Paralysis Experience


This is my best friend's story. If you could help that would be fantastic!

Some crazy stuff have been happening more. It's starting to happen more. Right before my birthday, and after my birthday, supernatural things started to occur. Not the everyday noises and stuff moving. More than that. I came to this site because it was my last resort. My mom actually believes me now.

Let's see, I'll start with one night that was recent. One night I was having trouble sleeping and no one was up. And I looked into the living room, and my computer which was shut up started to turn on and off, and then I heard footsteps walk into my brother's room where my cousin was sleeping. She was up, and she confirmed everything the night after. Those were the parts of the night that she noticed too. Anyway, I was laying down and then I started to astral project? I don't know, I still haven't figured out what it was. I was paralyzed. My eyes were closed, and I didn't really want to fight it because I wanted to see what would happen. My eyes were still closed I think, but I can see and sense everything around me. MY ears blasted into ringing and I heard this mans voice straight out tell me *I warned you Kaitlyn (my name) * So then my eyes flung open and there was a shadow floating over me. The ringing stopped and the shadow disappeared. I was so scared.

Ok. Now if you have any answers for that, than that's cool. But now lemme explain what I found out last night. I was taking a picture in my room because my friend was complaining how my profile picture on facebook needs to change xD Well, anyways when I looked at it closely, there was this white figure behing me in the shadows? I infrared it to get a better look. And it was deffinately atleast a face there. So I got curious and started to look at some old pictures, and I came across a picture I took maybe 2 months 3 or 4 months ago? And looked closely and saw there was a lady person sitting in the chair behind me. She was pale and she looked scary. Like the girl from those pictures on Facebook where they say if you don't share; blah blah blah.

She had straight black hair, and she was just consumed in the shadows. But you can definately see it was someone, every person who I showed it to like my mom and cousin saw it. It was creepy. And I've seen her before, like when I was younger she might've been my imaginary friend. But I used to call it mystery, didn't know the gender, I thought it was a guy, and it was so ghostly, I don't remember my imaginary friend tbh. But what if it was her. I SWEAR I'VE SEEN HER BEFORE! Those pictures aren't the first ones that's had a ghost in a pic with me.

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fossilera (4 stories) (124 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-24)
Alright, as requested:

1. Http://

This is the basis of the Phillip experiment (where a group decided to "create" a ghost - in a similar manner that an "imaginary friend" is created).

2. Http://

This one is about creating a "tulpa" (basically, a more "advanced" version of the "imaginary friend"). The interesting part in this link is three paragraphs down.

NOTE: While I have checked that the links meet the guidelines, I'm posting them purely for information purposes.

Seeing as you don't feel threatened by the spirit (and I would hope that your friend feels the same way), I'd say that it doesn't mean any harm. It does sound protective though, especially if it's presence is strongest in your friend's room.

As for the random "being scared" & whatnot - it could be a couple things (just observations) :
1. It could be that your subconscious picked up on the entities before you & your friend were "aware" of them. This by itself would cause you to become afraid, because "something is not right".

2. Seeing as this happened before your friend knew of the entities, it's possible that this was the spirit's way of saying "back off". I mean, if I were a spirit, and someone kept coming into the room where I was relaxing, I'd try to scare them away too (not saying that your friend & yourself were doing this).

Cattydee (12 stories) (161 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-22)
Please do send the links ^.^ an thanks for replying.
Now to answer your questions...

Well first off I would agree with you on the sleep paralysis and hallucinations but I've been to her house and I've seen some of the things she sees, there is also photographic evidence as well as other people experiencing the spirits and so this is why I cannot agree with that.

Also I have not seen the entity one on one yet but there is a very stong feeling in the house. I don't know if I would say I felt threatened but in her house, mainly her room where It happens most, I used to get wicked scared or freaked out for no reason at all. Then we realized there's spirits in her house...

Maybe the spirit is her guardian, ill talk to her about it and see what she thinks. Also the theory of creating the imaginary friend sounds very interesting. Thank you for you input:)
fossilera (4 stories) (124 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-21)
Hey Cattydee,

I guess I'll reply based on your paragraphs.

1. For your first paragraph (the one with sleep paralysis,& hearing voices), what you experienced was definitely sleep paralysis (I don't feel that this was caused by the entity).

As for the entity, and hearing the "message", sometimes, when you are in sleep paralysis, you pick up on things that normally, you won't usually do (such as voices, or see entities as your friend did). Another thing that it could be is actual hallucinations - Basically, when your mind is in that state (sleep paralysis), and you are aware of it - the mind tries to associate it with something - sometimes, it's a ghost (Check out "Old Hag Syndrome"), other times, it's voices or touches.

2. Based on this paragraph (with the entity in the old photographs), I would also suggest that the entity witnessed from paragraph 1 may be the same hovering over your friend. Have you ever felt threatened by it's appearance? If so, before instantly assuming it's a negative entity (which it may not be), try to set some ground rules with the entity (at my old place, I gave the spirit one rule - don't surprise or scare me, and I'll do my best to leave it alone. The arrangement worked until I had to move).

Your friend can also look to shielding as a possible means of feeling safe (there's several posts and articles on here, so have her take a look - shielding is easier than it's title makes it out to be).

3. As for "knowing" this spirit before, it is quite possible that you did, and that the spirit has been looking out for you. Sometimes, a spirit will show itself in the manner you might best recognize it (maybe to a horror fan, it would appear creepy, or might appear in the form of an "imaginary friend").

Also, some other food for thought is that it could be your imaginary friend - In some cultures, there is a belief that you can "create" (I haven't seen any proof of this, so I included the quotes) entities with mere thoughts.

Theoretically, your "imaginary friend" could also change as your friend does - If the above is true (not my expertise, I'm afraid), then because your imaginary friend is built from your friends mind - it's possible that it's changing it's image to something her subconscious is thinking.


PS: I can link you to a couple articles that explain my last little paragraph better, if you'd like. I'm not convinced there's any truth in them, but your friend may enjoy the reading.

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