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What Happens When You Meditate?


I want to know your meditation experiences. What do you feel, how so you feel, what's your main focus, etc.

The thing is whenever I meditate it's normal for like the first 10 minutes or so an then stuff starts to happen. Once I get to the phase that I'm floating I start to feel things around me that don't like me or I'll feel protectors around me, sometimes they touch me, other times they just stand there and watch. They never talk to me though. The last time I really meditated was Saturday. I usually meditate when I'm laying down in bed. Or seems to be the most comfortable for me. Well so once I got to the float stage I felt a warm bony hand touch on my arm 3 times. Thing was I had a blanket over myself, cause I was laying in bed, and the hand made contact with my bare skin. I got the feeling of a newly mother searching for her baby. These are the reasons I stopped meditating a Long time ago but I felt it would help me out if I could once again open up myself to the universe. Do any of you ever get like this? Any spiritual interaction or weird things happen when meditating or just the regular things? Please explain in the boxes below, it would help me greats!

The reason I stopped meditating before though was because of a presence I felt. I'd felt weird things happen before this but I just couldn't bring myself to meditate after this experience. In early June of 2012 I had meditated while sitting at my kitchen table. It was sunny out and very peaceful in the kitchen. So I began meditating. I was focusing on a journey meditation I had found in a wiccan book from the library. I was into that before bit all I did was read and copy into a notebook. I never did spells or chants, the only thing I dared to do was the meditations it gave me. So anyways I was meditating and nearing the end of it I felt a very evil presence behind me to my right. It was just standing there watching me but I had the feeling it wanted to attack. It scared the bajeebies out of me and so I came to and stopped meditation. For a long while after I would always feel negative energy down stairs. It was mostly in my mothers room but sometimes it would be in the kitchen or in the living room. Other people felt the presence too. I felt like I had brought it on by studying wiccan so I quit that too.

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Cattydee (12 stories) (161 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-26)
Thanks for your short story:) I think it's really cool that you can see what happens in the future in that way, its really unique.
Nan (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-28)
I have never seen any dark presence while meditating. If you do meditation you need to be focused and shouldnt think about anything else that is going on in your mind. You need to be relaxed so that you can meditate.

Intially in the beginning I had difficulty in meditating. I used to imagine a lot of things that used to go on in my head. Whenver I used to mediate I never felt an evil entity beside me or someone tocuhing my hand. Some people can see that not others. While I used to meditate I could see Dates and months while meditating. I know it sounds a bit weird seeing that but that's what I used to see.

One day I was meditating and I saw something that would happen on Dec 9 but I didn't know the year that time. I could only see the date and the month. And believe me on that date I saw that I was going to get my house back. It was Dec 9, 2006 that I got my house back. I don't know if it is strange or normal to see that

The year was 2007 while I was meditating I saw the date and month it was April 7 and I told my mom there is something on April 7 but I don't know what it was. We got a call from the travel agency saying that you can book your ticket on April 7.

Seeing the dates and months would be common for me and others as well. But while I used to meditate I have never seen any evil presence that will block me from not doing my meditation. When I meditate I put my full concentration. I don't think of something else that is going on in my mind. I should start meditating again.
Cattydee (12 stories) (161 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-15)
[at] TheOtherSide
Thanks ill try it and see what happens:)

[at] Mrodrig
See! I knew I wasn't the only one!

[at] RevSilverson
But I'm not scared of anything touching me if just freaked me out a little. Also I know we can create energy and so I create a good energy around myself beforeeditating and make sure no negative energy can come through. So that's why it was weird that something touched me.
RevSilverson (103 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-13)
we all have the ability to defeat negative energy. Human consciousness energy is much more dense than any spirit consciousness energy. It is our FEAR that causes us to think that harm will come to us using astral travel or meditative states. We create negative energy entities from our energy when it is improperly used. You have a fear of being touched or harmed so it happens.

True story. I read this somewhere - can't remember where- a group of people decided to try and fool a psychic- expose her as a fraud. So they sat together and CREATED a fictional entity. Gave the male spirit they named Lemuel a colonial lifetime, made him married with 2 daughters, made him a blacksmith killed during the revolutionary war when he tried to keep british soldiers from raping his daughters. Every detail they could think of to make their fake entity real.

So they call the psychic and tell her they want to contact this Lemuel knowing full well he was fictional. So she calls this Lemuel and this ghost appears wearing a tri-cornered hat with leather apron and hammer in his hand. He raises up his arm and smashes the hammer down on the table and disappears. Everybody was speechless. How could this happen? He wasn't real but there in the middle of the table was the imprint of a hammer. He had worn the right time period clothes. Etc etc.

We can create entities with our minds. If you believe something fearful will happen - it will. If you don't it won't. But always remember you have the power to repel negative energy- just tell it to go away or shine your mind's positive energy light at it. I have only once been attacked in the astral world but it was from another human being whose consciousness wanted to harm me. It was not a spirit or astral being. My spirit guardians came immediately and took him his energy away.

When I meditate I focus on nothing except being relaxed. When my mind is clear images come to me and I look at them but do not try and figure them out. I am a visitor to another world and as I guest I take what I am offered. When I return to the physical world I then write it all down, draw pictures of it and then try and make sense of it. I have been shown some incredibly beautiful and awesome things.

Love and Light... Always
Mrodrig (2 stories) (10 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-13)
OMG I have the same thing when I meditate. I also lay down on my bed and I was in a deep meditation and a couple of times I felt a hand on my left arm. So I wanted to test it a little so I asked it to move up and down my arm and IT DID. I wasn't scared for anything I'm pretty sure it was my spiritual guide but it was soooo creppy and now I can't go into a deep meditation something is like blocking I can't seem to do it for more then 5-10mins...I still thought it was soo cool that it actually moved up my arm (I think and evil presence is blockin my focus) my house has two spirits that I know of
TheOtherSide (1 stories) (19 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-12)
I can't tell you where that dark presence come from. I could tell you entities does seem to be in presence when you are meditating because your senses are heighten. Meditation open doors to the other side because it open up our third eye. Have no fear facing that dark entity. Do loving-kindness meditation. Search on youtube on it. This kind of meditation should be done when hear, hurt, 0r anger arise. After couple of times, you should overcome fear and that dark entity will disappear. Or pray daily. Call out your higher power to help you. Without fear and negativity, no entity could bother you unless you agree for it to do so.

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