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I think I have a psychic ability but I just don't know how to develop it. For the past few days there are really strange things happening in my life. My dreams have become just like a movie, the images so clear and vivid, its like they are actually happening, in the morning I just wake up and feel astonished, I just wonder was it really a dream or a movie? And what is more astonishing is that my dreams really come true, I dream of events or incidents which really occurs. For example after my exams I dreamt of my results and when I actually went to fetch my result, it was the same as I dreamt. Like this I experienced many dreams which actually come true in one way or the other.

I even dream of places where I have never been and later come to know that these places really exist! I either happen to visit them afterwards or I just happen to see it in a magazine or somewhere else. It has also happened to me that when I meet someone, goes to a place or hear a song which I have never come across, I feel like I have known that person, I have been at that place or I have heard that song.

I can actually detect someones intention, thoughts or what are they going to speak next and I feel really drained up when i'm in a group or people whom I just know have negative thoughts. I just see a part of a person, I mean his hand,eyes, his behavior, or speech and I can guess what kind of person they are, their character, their intention... Sometime I even hear voices when I'm just alone but I just freak out and the voices disappear. I can really feel the presence of someone around me but when I look around there is nobody.

I know there are many of you having the same experiences, please advice me how to develop this ability so that I can really help people who actually need me, thanks.

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Darkash (7 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-02)
hey am from mauritius too and have same experiences. I stopped questionning and now cherishing this gift.
missdotty (1 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-12)
I have the same things:) Apart from the voices it's identical (and that's not to say I don't know that there are ghosts, as I do.) I'm a bit olderthan you, 31, and apart from enjoying having the dreams (waking visions too), and feeling cross with people when I can detect long thought patterns I don't like and think they should hide it better, but how they can, I don't know! I haven't done anything to pursue it... I just talk to my mum and partner (more my mum really) about it all. It helps that a lot of this stuff happens to my mum too and has happened in our family. I wouldn't describe myself as psycic, more psy-curious and am very interested that you have the same things I do. My advice? Don't stress about it and enjoy the insight and coincidences it offers.

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