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Legs Lifting And Floating And I Couldn't Move Or Speak


My wife and I just went through an IVF embryo transfer for our IVF procedure last week. During this experience we we're given a mediation cd to use morning and night that focuses on fertility. I've been doing it with my wife and it seems to really calm and focus us both even though I don't have ovaries or a uterus.

Having said this, I find that I deeply and soothingly relax to the point of not moving for hours after the 20 minute session is over. I deeply meditate and disappear in my mind and then sleep until morning.

Tonight I had something happen that scared me. After 30 minutes beyond the 20 minute mediation I laid there in a waking dream dealing with a Turkish street palm reader and I decided to wake up fully and grab my wife's computer to google "made in turkey" to see what I would find. When I began to open my eyes I felt my legs stretch longer like rubber, then my feet and legs, up to my waist, felt like they were floating. I was awake looking at my projected wall clock and for about 30 seconds I could not speak or call out to my wife. I could move my eyes around but I had zero use of my muscles or voice. I was trying to wake up my wife because I found myself trapped and unable to speak. I eventually got some meager groans out that got her attention and she shook me out of it.

I felt like I began to float into the air, while doing so I panicked and tried to get out of it for 30 seconds or more before I could make even the weakest sound. What was going on with me? I know I was meditative, but was this a spirit leaving the body type of thing and I was afraid to with it? Sure would like to know.

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AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2012-01-26)
This is classical pre entry astral projection. Unbeknownst to you, you are catatonic every night when you sleep. We all are. We have to be or we'd be walking, kicking and punching our way through sleep. It's a safety barrier. Also unbeknownst to you is that you often leave your body and enter a dreamscape which is just a disguised projection. In this occurrence, you were conscious of the partial separation and what I call the catatonic state (mentally aware but not yet fully connected). This was an "accident" or side effect from the tape but it can be on purpose if learned.

We all live busy outward lives which do not generally promote meditation, reflection and inner work. However, you were given a cd that rather jump started that for you. Some people actually pursue this. You just were doing it for assistance reasons and had not planned or known of any side-effects.

When I was very young, I was laying down and listening to classical music. I then popped out of my body and was floating over the ocean. I was so shocked that I popped back to my body immediately. I knew in that moment (this was in the 70's) that there was more going on in life in terms of our soul than what people were telling me. But there was no internet back then. I had to pursue this all by myself and even books were not available to me. You are now in the same boat, but you have the luxury of the internet. So the next questions is, what do you want to do? You have a couple choices. Get through your tapes, ignore these pre astral entry side effects and continue on in your life as if nothing has happened. Or you could get curious about this thing called your soul/astral body and take it to the next level. There are hemi-synch tapes by the Monroe Institute that have similar effects like this and their co-founder, the now passed on Robert Monroe, has some fantastic books on astral projection as does William Buhlman. Or you could visit my sister site and read up on it there. I have articles on the catatonic state and other things pertaining to your experience.

We are more than our physical bodies. In time, you will pass from this earth realm and become familiar with that then. I prefer to be preemptive and learn about it now because I have seen the other side and ignorance seems far less appealing.

Thanks for sharing!

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