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Do I Have Phychic Abilities?


All my life I have always felt different even as a child I could sense things in my head or my dreams, I see things before they happen and what's crazy about it comes and goes, I just can't sit there and know right off the back that something is about to happen, I get this vision out of nowhere and it happens very quick but long enough for me to know what's about to happen eight years ago. I lost a baby to SIDS, I foresaw it three days before he passed and just blew it off as just a bad dream. There was another time when I was at work and out of no where's I could smell smoke! I just couldn't understand where it was coming from? Then at that moment I ran to the phone something told me to call home, so I called home my husband answered I told him please go down stairs check my son's room because something is wrong. I smelled smoke well my husband wanted to hang up the phone on me, how and the heck was I smelling smoke coming from our house!? And I was at work." I begged him please just go" well he went and when he got to my son's room there was some smoke my son left his iron laying flat on his iron board my husband was blown away with me he said thank god you called. I mean I feel I have an ability. I'm not sure what it is or even how to work with it? I always have dreams of people I know that has passed away and have come to visit me. I once had a dream of my husband's uncle we were at a funeral I was approached by this man I never knew his uncle, so when the man approached me he did say "he was my husband's uncle" he then put his hand on my shoulder and told me "I had such a lovely family" then I woke up well long story short a week later his uncle passed away. When my husband showed me a picture of his uncle "I told him that he was the man that spoke to me in my dream" what I think I was seeing was his uncle's funeral, I for seen it a week earlier. It's just weird to have these feeling and then not know how to work with them. Another thing that happens to me is when I meet people it's like I can feel if this person is good or bad. It's just so crazy to me I guess what I really want to know is it just me or do I have psychic ability's.

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sinfire777 (20 posts)
10 years ago (2012-01-31)
yup, that's the general stuff about being a psychic. And no its not crazy, its absolutly natural. The media just blows psychic ability way out of proportion, (not to mention peoples religious beliefs hinder their own psyhcic awareness)

The more you pay attention to your senses the better you will get. This is something that also runs through families, you can expect your family to have similar abilities. Whether they pursued them or not.

I would just be mindful that there are people in this world who are convinced psychics are bogus and evil. They just simply choose to believe this, and or have been taught this. So just to say, be aware of that.

Also since your intune with your abilities, I would recommend, looking in takign care of your emotions through meditation or just happy activities like yoga or running etc. Because as a psychic sometimes energy your aware of like (very personal dreams) can be overwhelming. So I would encourage you to not repress emotions, or thoughts etc.

And because you are intune I will also say to definelty avoid negative activity. Why? Well specifically because since your aware, you don't want to attract negative energy arround you and then deal with it. So eating well, (yes food as well have a vibratory energy) treating others well, good thoughts, (like not thinking less of anyone, even the bad, its best not to judge) and so on.

Most importantly I also want to say, rid the ego perminently. Our egos hold us down from all sorts of positives we can have in our lifes. Our ego sets boundaries, creates division, creates problems for ourselfs and others. So that's thebiggest thing I think people should look at. Oh AND UNlearn, fear. To be scared of something means we really only accept limits and allow influences to eefect us. Never fear anything, we are always in control of ourselfs. No ghost, no dream, no bad person or anything has power over us. If you shed fear, your world gets better. Ha well duh right?

I imagine taking advice from a 19 year old may seem backwards in todays designed society. Well. I can understand personally. However we all have lived several lives, (and we have always have and always will exist forever), this body this person we are now does not reflect all of who and what we truly are. So although I understand, I would encourage that the ego be shed and to not think of this as simply unorthodox. But simply insight from personal experience.

Also since you are expanding your consciousness as I have been aswell, heres a link that I hope youll find worth your interest.


And yes ha, it IS infact real. I say from experience.

Ha bye!
Leo_StarShadow (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-01-27)
My son wrecked a car after I heard a voice in my head telling me to go check on him he was outside with his grandpa and I was inside doing the dishes
stayrr295 (25 posts)
10 years ago (2012-01-27)
Yes you do have some phychic abilities and you may be on the same wave lenght as your son 😁 and you can master these abilities by meditation and chakra meditation 😁

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