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Dreams And A Call For Assistance


For a while now the same dream keep reoccurring in dreams as well as day dreams. This boy seems to need my help but I do not know what to do to help. It is not like my regular people I make up in my dreams but he is real. Throughout the day I can hear him call my name, I try to reply but its just after he calls out to me, I do not feel his presence anymore. He has white hair, about 15 years old, and has either red or blue eyes. I assume because he appears to me with red eyes sometimes blue is because they are brothers who look exactly alike except for the eyes. He really does not give me any signs of how I can help, I assume that is because I am not really sensitive. I would really like help, so I can figure out all this out because I think someone is in trouble and needs my help. I am not sure about all this stuff but it has happened and I know someone is in dire need of my help, but to help him I need your help. I am not sure if this is just my imagination or he actually really needs my help, but in order to help him I need answers. That is really all I can gather from my dreams other than that I think his name is Dan and that he might live in a place called Crest Hill. I have never believed in this stuff so do not think I am playing any kind of trick or anything. It is the only time I really feel wanted and when I got this cry for help, and makes me feel good. I also know that I can't just let it make feel good I actually need to help him but Ill need help in order to do this. I can't do this alone.

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mysticlady1000 (3 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-28)
I have grown up with experiences just like these. It wasn't until this year that I was given the knowledge on how to help spirits/astral beings who came into my dreams. It definitely is a gift, and one worth developing. With this dream in particular, when he calls out to you, do you wake up and then try to talk to him, or are you calling out to him when you are daydreaming? For me, the key is to allow myself, before I go to sleep, to ask that if he wants to contact me that he do so in my dream that night but that I need a clear message as to what he needs. Then, I tell myself that if I see him, I won't be afraid, no matter how scary or afraid he might look to me. While I'm in the dream, I try to talk with him. It make take a bit of practice to be lucid in your dreams, but it is definitely possible. Pay attention to the objects in the dreams and write them ALL down. No matter how small or odd they may seem. If you can get him to talk with you, ask him what he needs. If he is confused, ask him what the last think he remembers was. He might be a spirit who doesn't realize he's passed over yet. Ask him if there is anyone (person or animal) that he wishes he could see. If he names them, ask him to call out for them to come help him. Usually, if it is a spirit, someone who knows the person will come and assist them onto the other side. If he keeps running away from you, again, write down every dream and the objects in it. When you wake up, analyze what you feel the different objects mean. Like, if you see a milky white vase that shatters, what does this mean to you? Learning to understand symbols is KEY for this type of gift. One of the best books I've read on the subject is Learn to See: An Approach to Your Inner Voice Through Symbols by Mary Jo McCabe. I hope this helps! Don't give up or get discouraged. You have an amazing gift!

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