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Family Members Hearing Someone Call Out Their Name


Since 5- 6 days, I am having a problem, My family members are being called in their respective names as well as nick names with a voice they know closely or associate closely like mine or my mother's, sometimes they hear a male voice and other times its a female, when they ask us we haven't called them, at first it happened to my sister, who heard a female voice urgently calling her out to open the door, and it was around 1 AM, then late afternoon day before yesterday my wife came running to me asking why I had called her in a voice as if I was hurt, when I was fine and hadn't called her, it was 3:30 PM. Then yesterday my housekeeper who lives on the top floor of our home came running around 4:00 AM citing I had called her to open the main door of our house, but at that time I was asleep in my bedroom, in that rush she sprained her ankle, when I asked her what was all that about in the morning she said that she heard my voice while she was asleep and suddenly woke up to my voice which was calling out in a nick name I used to call her. But no one else heard that voice and now it feels weird that two nights ago, my dog who sleeps in my bedroom suddenly gets agitated and starts barking around 3:30 AM, I woke up and went to investigate with my dog, at first it guided me to the terrace but then came back in to the center room of our house and started barking around a pillar in the room. What is this I am unable to explain. Please someone help me out. Our home is newly built and we have been living here for 3 years none of this happened before.

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carriwill (8 stories) (98 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-19)
Quite possibly evil spirits. Someone there opened up something to evil spirits. Say this. Leave this place at once unclean spirits by the blood of Jesus Christ. Shout that out. If the spirits don't leave then you may be in trouble. You may need a Catholic Priest.
Winter_Solace (109 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-21)
Do you hear these voices as you're about to fall asleep at night? If you hear voices like whispers in the night as you are in bed,'t answer to them. It's evil spirits trying to lure you into a trap. Better safe than sorry.

Is there anyone in your house that can see spirits? Or anyone that seems to be able to just "know" things from nothing?
LauraVT (23 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-18)
It is most likely a ghost. All land has 'predecessor energy' so it does not matter if the house is new, old or remodeled. All ghosts are lost souls that are stuck between dimensions and they need help! I cross ghosts over all the time as they are presented to me. This prayer is AMAZING! It really works to help the dead. Plus you earn a ton of karmic brownie points for this huge spiritual service that you provide. Say this prayer like you mean it at least 3 times whenever you sense the presence of a ghost. You can also say it at night before bed so that you get a better night's sleep.

Here is the prayer:

PS there is a ton of helpful free stuff on this site.


Nightingale (145 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-13)
Hello omm,
This sounds like a ghost. He or she could be someone who died while in fear or pain, but I am not certain this is the case. Perhaps you have two, because they have been heard as a male and female voice.
It puzzles me that they ask for the door to be opened, as though they want to be let in. If they are looking for help as they were in life it is possible they are confused about being ghosts. That may sound strange, but it is possible.
Because they call your family by their old nicknames, I wonder if they could be friends who knew you some time ago in life. If you had lost contact with them and were unaware of their deaths, this is another very bittersweet possibility. If they are old friends they may have come for a visit or to watch over you. Perhaps they are spirits who've been with you for years and were not able to easily follow when you moved. They may be trying to let you know they have found you.
Whoever they are, they are strong if they are able to speak aloud.
If you feel they are not a threat, it may be a good idea to attempt communication. I would advise you to have someone else in a distant part of the house when you try speaking with them. The voices seem to come when a person is alone, but it would be wise to have someoneelse in the house with you so that you feel safer. The easiest way to try ccommunicating in this case would be to respond to the voices. You may want to ask who is there or simply say hello. You caniintroduce yourself or say anything you want. Be patient and do not be discouraged should a response not be immediate. If anyone in your family has a type of psychic ability, I would suggest that he or she try to feel the essence of the spirits. You may even ask a psychic to come to your home for this, although it may not be necessary. Mental communication is usually easiest, sending thoughts.
You may decide to approach or answer the door if asked again. I am unsure whether this is a good idea. All of this depends upon whether you begin to feel threatened. So far I believe you are safe in your home. Most ghosts mean you no harm and can even become friends.
Best of luck,
yinyang (12 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-11)
You said your house is newly built. Often, construction work can 'awaken' sleeping spirits. So maybe you should check up if that plot of land has witnessed any malevolent death. Also, 3.30 am which you said has been the times of these incidents, is said to be the most active hour for spirit activity.

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