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Seeing The Future Through Dreams 2


Last Saturday 11pm, I was watching T.V. And I suddenly fell asleep, then I had this dream that my grandmother went down stairs and asked me if my brother got home, then suddenly I woke up and about fifteen minutes my grandma came down stairs same in dream, her dress is just like in my dream, and she asked m. I was shocked that I wasn't able to answer, then Sunday, I attended the funeral of my great grandmother, it was my first time attending her funeral, then I looked at her coffin and gosh I was really shocked her face dress and the rosary beads she was holding is just like in my dreams,.

I told my friends about this, and by the time I got home it was already 11pm and I took a half bath, during my half bath time, I felt someone was watching, I was alone at the kitchen, then when I turned the faucet off, I heard someone eating,. It's like there were two of them they were talking, so what I did is chant the Latin words my grandma taught me then the voices were gone, so after wiping my wet body, I quickly head to my room and sleep.

And morning came, I was about to eat then suddenly a brown and large butterfly came into the table, I didn't touched it and it suddenly flew, after eating, I sat the our sala, but suddenly I saw something crawl at my right side, and it was a snake green actually, with a red tail, it was small but long, I thought I was bitten, my grandma told me not to kill it, instead she opened the main door, and she told us to clap our hands, the suddenly the snake just went out,. I was shocked, it was like dancing.

So what? Am I psychic?

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